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Default Comparisons between FZ-30 & EXR-200 & a Kx SLR

G'day all

Image Quality is one of the many things we photographers ponder over. At the weekend I had an opportunity to run some comparison shots comparing my old faithful 2006 Panasonic FZ-30 with a 2010 Fuji Finepix EXR-S200 and a Pentax K-x running sigma lenses

These images are my attempt to show noise and unwanted artefacts ~ I don't claim them to be 'scientific' as maybe dpreview would do them, but ... well I've tried to do it in a way that Forum people will be able to make some sense of

The 'old' Panasonic was shooting at 8mpx. However, it only goes to ISO-400 and although it has an extremely well regarded lens, it is well known for sensor noise. The Fuji Finepix EXR-S200 was set to EXR (auto) mode - ie shooting at 6mpx, and the Pentax K-x was shooting at 10mpx

The subject is a vase of roses, firstly against a neutral pale-pastel-blue wall, then also against the dark timber of the piano

Each camera was set to 'P' and gave slightly different exposures for the same subject: each lens was set as close to the same mm's for each shot - and each image ended up slightly different in size too!

To create each comparative image, each ex-camera JPG image was loaded into ULead PhotoExpress and an identical sized 'cut' was made and posted onto a clean canvas and then saved in TIFF format in case any reviewing was needed. The TIFF images were then saved as Hi-Quality JPG format for posting here. No pp alterations have been made to the images

Progress has been made between 2006 & 2010 - the EXR outshines the FZ30 in noise suppression and 'high ISO imagery'.
As one would expect, the Pentax with its APS sensor being about 8x-10x larger in area than the Fuji EXR, has a much reduced noise level when compared with the EXR

However it would seem to me that the EXR has given the Pentax a hard run for its money to prove it's a better camera.

1- an image from each camera ...

2- the EXR and the K-x against a light-toned background

3- the EXR and the K-x against a dark toned background

Open for comments & feedback

Regards, Phil
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That is a good test, Pjil-

To my weary eyes, it look like the Penatx Kx is the winner, by a nose. What Sigma lens was being used on the Kx? I know that all Pentax DSLR's are equipped with Sigma lenses due to the Australian Sigma Distributor, also being the Pentax Distributor.

Sarah Joyce
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