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How in the world do you pull that off. I wish you could give us a video detailing your venture. BUT NO PRESSURE. I'm just curious. I learn more by watching someone else than reading about it
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If you have a external flash, like a metz 50 or 58 or 44, nissin di 866 or di 622, canon 430exii or 580 exii. They are all design to be a wireless slave. The 58, 580 and 866 can be a hotshoe master as well. But you can set the channels and groups on them to match what you you set up in the menu, flash control, internal flash option, after you enable wireless flash. Then just pop up the built in flash, and it will trigger the off camera external with flash exposure compensation. It is actually allot of fun bringing light form an angle getting some low key shots or light form all angle and getting high key shots. I am having a ball playing around with it. I even went out and got a flash stand. so I can mount my flash to it, and the other on my tripod.

Flash work was my most lagging behind part of my photography. And I ever really did was hotshoe flash. Now I have a new aspect for flash to play with.
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Hi Flash isn't about a light source in dark conditions. To me its about lighting a subject to get the best results. You can achieve a lot with a hotshot flash and the use of bounced light off of ceilings and walls, diffusers also help. Direct flash is a very harsh light i really don't use it that much.
i found this useful it may help explain things more

Good luck
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Originally Posted by Organizedkhaos View Post
... I was just curious if I made the right decision
Everyone that buys a new DSLR asks that same question. You made
the right choice. The 60D is a great camera. Enjoy it.
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