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Default shooting in -40F... what to buy for compact prosumer


I had my eyes on the samsung tl500 for a good prosumer . problem is I live in Quebec where it get really cold in the winter, and according to the spec, it rated for 0 to 40 F...

is there a better choice for shooting winter scenes in a compact camera. with a good sensor, low noise, good review... ?


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I have the Samsung TL500 and like it very much. When shooting in very cold conditions, such as when skiing, I keep the TL500 in an inside jacket pocket and bring it out when necessary to shoot my photos. Hence, the camera never really gets "cold soaked."

I have had great photos, and no problems at all.

Sarah Joyce
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I agree. My old SD870 and my ZS7 are both rated around freezing if I recall and yet I have used them both to -10F without problems. I keep my camera in a zipped up pocket in my down jacket and take it out as needed. The hardest part is trying to operate the camera w/ gloves on but something like this would help w/ a good liner underneath. I'm sure I don't have to tell you though.

Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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At minus 40 degrees, the best thing to do is stay indoors. I have used my Minolta D7hi and Pentax istD down to about minus 10F, and it can get tricky to keep fingers from freezing while still being able to use the camera. Colder than that, the only thing that would get me to use the camera would be an alien spacecraft landing.

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I surely do agree with, Brian-

As the temperature falls, safety becomes an issue.

Sarah Joyce
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We get temps that go to 40 below or colder in Manitoba occasionally...but few venture out when it's that cold, let alone take a camera. I know of one guy that has taken pictures outdoors at -39...using a Pentax K7....but I wouldn't be out and about that cold..for more than a few minutes...suitably dressed and I wouldn't expose my cameras to those temps.

I've been in -40, skin freezes very fast, if there is any wind chill...you'll feel it....I think it would be as hard on cameras as it is on us humans.

I have been out for a couple of hours at -25...or so (Winterpeg ), but at 35 to 40 below in the 'Peg....I just want to get warm.

I usually just carry my DSLRs, using the neck strap around my neck.

I've done this a number of times for a number of years and haven't had any difficulty.

I carry a garbage bag (big green Glad) in one of my jacket pockets in case it start's to snow or at those temps...more likely to blow snow...and wrap the camera up in the bag, then.

The camera equipment I use, is Pentax and one body that's been out in the cold a lot, over many years, is an old K10D, which is weather sealed...very rugged body and seems to cope very well in the winter outdoors.

Another Pentax DSLR I use is the entry model KM or K2000 as it's known in the states. It also functions well in the cold.

I have some friends who are outdoors a lot in the winter..their equipment includes Pentax 200D, Canon 30D and 7D...no problems yet. But they also don't push it much beyond -20 to -25.

But 40 below....I wouldn't push it....human or camera.

My experience...hope this helps.

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