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Default Kid's introduction to photography

Not a direct question on Camera, but looking for feedback.

My son is 6 1/2 yrs old and really gets a kick out of taking pictures with my cheap P & S I keep in the truck for work. He's a pretty sharp kid, but a kid nonetheless.

Should I 1) look for an idiot proof P & S that will encourage him to continue pressing the button and let him learn more later or 2) wait until he is older to have access to his own camera?

I've asked this question in a similar form before, and the discussion got slightly off track and I quit checking the posts. Sorry for the repetition, and thanks for any advice.
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Oh just go get a good camera with the buttons they can not damage much teach to care for the camera while growing up is the best instalment in life... Walmart has some good starters dig cams.. wait for the change the lens stuff till later a small pocket will give the insight to most of the features as the bigger cams. My town now teenagers would use mine when they were growing up I got my fist dig cam when they were just starting school and they enjoyed it they both knew not to drop it and such and yea drops will happen in fact right after Christmas one year one dropped the camera I had gotten for Christmas it did not do anything to the Camera at all..that camera was a $300. it just made them even more aware of the chances of dropping things and since they have even gotten better with the things we have gotten ... Kids are kids of course.

I would move him up come when he is I would say 10 unless he comes out and you see he has really gone over the line and takes up more space on the storage with his shots... then is when he should know what he would like for then he would be knowing what does what and how much he would like to do. Along with the cam make sure you as well add a book of cameras some thing like an old Kodak to show the growth from the start to now and maybe add a book that will give him ideas of what to one can do with a picture after wards like Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques by Barry Huggins it helped my oldest son at home to be really creative with some of his sigs that he makes for others online in gaming rooms.

Its amazing how much they learn when left to do on their own they will grow away from you but you will always be there for their growth. Scary yea but hey they do have to grow.... you can not be making them into dependants for ever...

If he is smart like my 18 year old was at that age taking notes when when we went to the movies at the Space Center then he knows what he is working for.... given the tools they will learn and do with what they learn. That's life!

And hey good luck I have had 8 kids they all have their own means in life .... Encouragement we all need and that is something we never out grow.... Remember to take him places to keep him pressing buttons that along with the camera and other tools will do the trick. PS get him his own computer when soon as well they sure have came down so much and have gotten more idiot proof for sure.... and have a storage box to place these shots in ... you will enjoy working with him on them...
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buy whatever you feel comfortable with him breaking within a week. Accidents happen. He doesn't need an expensive camera and he doesn't need you getting upset because he broke a $300 camera. So, spend whatever you can afford to replace a couple times over the next year.
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It very much depends on the child. Some are careful, others not. Some are clumsy, others not. Some are likely to lose it, others not. Some will be able to take it seriously and learn a lot, others not. Only you can judge your own child.

If all you are worried about is accidental drops then you could try one of the "tough" cameras like the Olympus mju or Canon D10, etc.
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start him off with an olympus tough, something like the 3000 or 310. They can take a decent amount of kids abuse. Seen 3000 at costco for 160.
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I would set a budget, pick up a used but decent camera from craigslist, and get one that matches your system. For example, a Nikon D40 with kit lense can be had around 300. As the kid gets older and better, you can share some of your lenses with him/her.
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Thanks for the well thought out responses.

After all the thought I have given to buying one of the Olympus tough cameras, and especially after seeing a 3000 at Sam's for pretty cheap, it might be time to invest in one that he and I can share. I'll just give it to him and explain that I need to borrow it at times. He would probably think it is cool that his Dad needs to borrow his camera because it is tougher than my truck camera.

As long as it doesn't get lost.
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