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Default Panny LX-5 vs Oly XZ-1 vs Canon S95.. so confused

Hey all,

i recently lost my LX-3 and have thus am in th emarket for a new camera and after reading countless reviews etc i am no wear near making a decision and hope you all can help..

pros and cons
XZ-1: f1.8/brighter lense/more realistic colour/can achieve better depth of field/nice control ring to play with for changing the settings BUT more noise and terrible lense cap design that can fall out easy and might cause accidental lense damage

LX-5: better for landscapes with wider lense at 6:3(?) perspective/availability of auto lense cap and add on filters BUT colour comes out cooler and the new wheel thing is not very usable based on my 2min usage at the store

S95: very compact

i'm so torn because XZ-1 seems better for portrait shots while LX-5 for landscapes and S95 just cos its compact.. I mainly use my camera for travelling so it's a good mix of both landscapes and portraits depending on where i'm going..

please weight in and add whatever comments about each camera you think i should consider. Price is not an issue as they are all about the same range..

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In practice there isn't going to be a noticeable improvement in DoF with the XZ-1 over the other 2. The real benefit to the XZ-1 imho is the brighter lens throughout the focal range. The S95, for example, closes down considerably at full zoom and thus you're often stuck shooting at F2.0 in low light. The S95 and XZ-1 definitely have better color reproduction in JPEGs, so that's a good advantage there. The S95 does not zoom in video but zooming in video often doesn't look too pretty anyway. The S95 is the only one that will easily fit in a pocket. The other 2 are more likely going to need a jacket/cargo pocket or small case.

I've got the S95 and am really happy with it, but if size wasn't as much of a concern, I would seriously consider the XZ-1.
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Ive got the lx 5 bought on amazon and doing the 30 day test. So far its the best ccd sensor camera I've owned . Can shoot Jpeg and Raw , images look nice to 1600 iso (so so after that), fast leica f2.0 lens , excellent 720p hd video, and by ccd standards excellent low light photos as long as you stay under 1600 iso (only good by cmos standards). Naturally the day time pictures look great and you can get add on lcd viewfinder and external flash units with the hot shoe. For a ccd camera it is pretty amazing. software is mixed the photo fun studio is pile of feces at best (picasa way better ) and for raw viewing and editing silkpics is a C- at best (don't sharpingwith it does a gasty job better to convert to jpeg and do the sharping there) if you have the current version of photo shop it a non issue because it handles Panny raw file. I like this camera but at the end of the day due to its tiny ccd there's limits to how good the photo qaulity can get thats why I'm seriously looking at the new sony nex 5n with a aps-c cmos photo sensor excellance in a nice take everywhere travel friendly package. Hmmm decesions decesions PS 4:3 is the LX5 native format so the pictures look best in 4:3 everything else is a crop of the 4:3 image the camera shoots in.

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Well i just got the Olympus XZ-1 , why this camera , just because it's highly rated on all the forums and top buy on any reviewed test .

I understand why , it's great

Have a look at my first tests :


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Maybe throw the Nikon P3000 into the ring....?
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All are excellent. Effectively the same in real world use.

Look for a good deal on one of them, or choose the one you like the look of the most.

We have an S90, which is great, but I must admit the Olly has great styling.
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