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Default Canon EOS 7D or Nikon D7000?

Hi, I'm going to buy my first DSLR, I need a little help choosing between Canon EOS 7D or Nikon D7000

I've read many reviews about both of them, but as I'm not familiar with DSLR cameras, also these two camera are announced in different times, Canon 7D is almost a year older than Nikon D7000 and that makes it even harder to compare them.

There are few things that are not clear for me:

1. Is 7D burst mode buffer any better than D7000? The Nikon D7000's buffer apparently will full very soon, what about Canon D7? in burst mode, how many images can we take with highest JPG quality/size with Canon 7D? what about in RAW?

2. 19 points AF points or 39 AF points?! considering that in 7D all 19 AF points are cross-type but in D7000 there are only 9 cross-type AF points. which one really have better focus?

3. How's 7D image quality with high ISO or in low light? it seems D7000 is really good in this area. because reviews are in different times, I couldn't compare them. is 7D high ISO quality really bad compared to D7000?

4. Sensor size?! Nikon's APS-C sensors are slightly bigger than Canon, is that one millimeter any important?

I don't remember what else I wanted to ask... but here are few more questions...

Does the fact that Canon 7D is a year older than Nikon D7000 makes any different? I mean the differences in their technology, image/movie quality, build quality and other features. is it even wise to buy a camera which is two year old?!

Also I don't know much about AF systems and metering systems.

What's the "Multi-CAM 4800DX " in Nikon? what is "TTL-CT-SIR"? what's their different?

About their viewfinders, can I adjust diopter in any of them? or should I get extra eyepiece for someone who use reading glasses (presbyopia)?

Which one needs less maintenance and care? I mean such maintenance that needs to take it to service center!

Is there anything that I should know about their available accessories? such as lenses, is there any different between Canon and Nikon lenses?

Is there anything else that I should consider about these two camera?
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Both are excellent cameras. The focus system on the 7d by reports seems to be a bit better - more in line with the d300s. But the high ISO of the D7000 is better than the 7d. The 7d is used by a lot of canon sports shooters and I see very usable ISO 3200 photos from it and decent 6400. The d7000 is just a bit better.

Both cameras will be about the same - maintenance wise. Both systems have an excellent selection of lenses - the pro grade nikon lenses tend to be a bit more expensive than the Canon counterparts, but with the latest canon pro releases (70-200 2.8IS II, 300mm 2.8 II, 400mm 2.8II, 200-400 f4) canon seems to be changing that.

Overall image quality will be comparable - your choice of lens will be more important in determining that than which of these two bodies you choose.

both have diopter. 7d has slightly better viewfinder (1x magnification vs. 0.95 for D7000).
7d has 8fps vs. 6fps for Nikon
7d is compact flash memory, d7000 is sd/sdhc (pepsi vs. coke thing. this doesn't really matter unless you already own class 10 memory cards)

Ergonomics will be different between the two so you should handle both.
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Hi if you haven't done so already then its time fro the touchy feely thing and see which you like to handle. I always believe if it feels right then your 90% there
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