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Default Help! Weary shopper looking for a prosumer camera

I'm ready to move beyond my Cannon A560 p&s camera. I would like to find a camera that takes better indoor pictures in lower lighting. Most of my pics are of my 4 little ones and I shut the flash off because it looks too artificial or the backround is darkened. When I do this though, the least bit of movement causes blur. My friend has a Sony a100 dslr and as soon as she mounts her rotating flash on top, it produces lovely indoor pictures. Is this only possible with a dslr & flash? I thought the mounted flash might be the ticket and so I've been considering the Cannon G12. I don't want to add on lenses though. I'd be much happier with a camera that uses just the regular old built in flash and lense for convenience sake. I'm a busy mom.

I also looked at the Cannon SX30. It has super zoom though and not that I'm against having more zoom but I read that with the super zoom you sacrifice some pic quality. Plus I've been content and done fine with just my 4x zoom.

I've exhaused my search now and yet I'm still stuck and have no idea which camera will best suit me and my needs. I would greatly appreciate ANY feedback or direction on choosing a camera. I'm open to any brand camera.

My pictures and what I'm looking for in a camera:
*Takes good pics of active kids inside and outside
*Ocassional scenery pics and flowers
*Quality pics indoors where lighting is lower
*Can manipulate depth of field to ocassionally blur backrounds
*Takes videos
*Convenient and easy to grab and go
*Really prefer a viewfinder
*Under $500

Thank you for your time!!

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Canon S95, Panasonic LX5, Samsung TL500 for low lighting. No viewfinder in any, size is good, fast lenses for fast shutter speeds. Not sure if you can find all you are looking for in a compact camera though.
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Let me tell you as a parent: you need external flash. You will be sorely disappointed with any option that doesn't have it. I shoot indoor sports but I also have a 4 year old son and 10 nieces-nephews. You are not going to get quality shots in any but the best of circumstances indoors without flash.

A bounced flash on a digicam like the G12 will definitely improve your shots. But just like anything else, not all flashes are created equal. A TTL capable flash with TTL capable camera will produce better results than automatic only flashes. They'll get the flash exposure "right" more often. If you were going to buy canon, buy the 430exII. The big thing to avoid is the smaller flashes being under-powered for good bounce work. They'll also take longer to recharge. However you have to be aware th external flash makes a more bulky set-up: especially on a digicam. So you have to be able to live with that. But, that's the price of better photos of moving kids indoors.
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A Canon G12 and something like a Metz 20C2 or Nissin Di466 would do you well.
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