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Default Dslr on a cheap budget

Ok so i really want to start in photography and would love to sell pictures somewhere down the road and im looking to start off with three different styles of camera. A Superzoom Nikon p100 which wins in just about everything but having a p&s sized sensor, Second is an entry level Dslr Sony a230 which is great because of the in body focus and stabilisation plus the minolta a mount. Lastly i could get a Canon 20d secondhand with a 50mm f1.8. The Dslr's are around 50 to a hundred dollars more and basically what im wondering is if i could make photography level DOF and Image Quality from a superzoom p&s?
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DOF is a function of focal length, distance to subject and aperture so a superzoom P&S will always be at a disadvantage to a dSLR based on focal length. A dSLR should also out perform a P&S in high ISO image quality because of the larger image sensor.

Basic rule with digital cameras: fast, good, cheap; pick any two!

Review the sample photos for the cameras you mentioned in the reviews on this website and decide from there.
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If your thinking long term and plan to sell photographs I would definitely look at investing into a DSLR system. I've owned a Canon 20d in the past and from my experience with it, it was an excellent camera, I still have some beautiful captures taken with it. Also the 50mm in commonly known as the 'plastic fantastic' as for the money it's pretty unbeatable for image quality only being let down by the cheap build quality.

I don't know much about the Sony A230 as I've always used Canon or Nikon DSLR's. Where the P100 will have the advantage over a DSLR is pure versatility. It'll cost a fortune in getting the lens equivalent on a DSLR to that of a bridge camera but then again, a bridge camera can't compete with the image quality of a DSLR.

If your seriously going to get into photography long term go DSLR, if you want versatility and to learn about photography go Bridge camera.

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Originally Posted by howiem View Post
If your thinking long term and plan to sell photographs I would definitely look at investing into a DSLR system.
If you're seriously thinking of making money in photography, I suspect you would be better-served investing in psychiatric services than in a DSLR...
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My daughter is a photography/art major @ Belmont U in Nashville & she is already making some reasonable income using her Canon 40D. She's able to be much more creative with the flexibility of her DSLR. A bridge camera just wouldn't work for her and I've found that you learn much more with a more powerful tool. Every time she comes into town, she has a couple of shoots lined up. Even though she's not getting rich, it certainly helps pay for some expenses. She couldn't do this with a bridge camera.
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if you are serious about getting into photography and try to make money with the camera, get a camera system that will let you get pro level lenses and equipment down the line. That is something you will want, as switching later down the line will be costly if you start to build a lens collection. I would look at the extra money as an investment. Go canon or nikon.
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The Sony A230 is a poor choice of an entry level DSLR because of the a very small and uncomfortable hand grip. If you like Sony DSLR because of the availability of cheap used Minolta A-mount lenses. I would spend a little more for a higher model with the tilt-screen like a A330, A350 or A390. These Sony cameras has a secondary sensor which will give you live view which you will find very useful in shooting macro or landscape. A couple weeks ago the A390 was on sale at sears.com for $399 about 3 days and now it goes back to the $499 regular price.
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