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Default Thinking about the SD4000 and the S95

Hello! I had posted earlier about what camera I should get (for indoor pics of dogs and pets), and the responses made me think more about what I am really looking for in a camera. I think I've narrowed my options down to the Canon SD4000 and the Canon S95.

Here is what I am after:
1. Really good automatic or scene modes. When my boy takes his first steps, I want to whip out the camera and take great pictures without thinking about any controls.
2. Fast. I want the camera to start up quickly, take pictures quickly, and be able to take another picture quickly.
3. Good performance indoors. I'm not sure if this is "low light" or not, but I want the camera to take great photos in my living room. It doesn't matter if I need to use the flash.
4. Price. I really don't want to go over $350, but I will if I have to.

How well do these two cameras, the SD4000 and the S95, fit these criteria? I also have some questions about each of these cameras.

Does this camera take great pictures in automatic mode? Are the differenct scene selections easy enough to get to? Since I don't plan on adjusting anything, would I be getting too much camera for my needs? I'm sure it's a great camera, but I don't want to pay that much money for features I don't need.

Does this camera take great pictures in automatic mode? Are the differenct scene selections easy enough to get to? I've read reviews on Amazon that complain that this camera takes blurry pics even if the focus has been locked...has anyone here had that problem?

I'd love to hear from people who have experience with both cameras. I'd also appreciate other suggestions, as well!
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1. Both auto modes work well, but the S95 tends to pick too slow of a shutter speed for moving subjects. I am not sure how the SD4000 does in these cases.

2. This isn't an issue with either camera. Startup and shot-to-shot times are in line with any other P&S camera.

3. Yes, indoors is considered "low light." If you're willing to use the flash though, that's a little different. Keep in mind that the flash will greatly affect the color/tone of your photos. The S95 is easily the better of the two indoors, but the SD4000 does better than most other 1/2.3" sensor cameras because of the F2.0 lens.

The price difference between the 2 isn't due to the features, but rather due mostly to the sensors. The S95's sensor is quite a bit larger which means it does better in low light and also allows for larger prints.

Some people might state that the SD4000 is more suited to a point-and-click user, but I think the S95 operates just fine under those circumstances. Besides, modes like Shutter Priority aren't as intimidating as they may sound. Set the shutter to say 1/100 for a moving target and the camera sets everything else.
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I own the Canon SD4000 and have found it to be a real performer. And yes, the Auto Mode does work very well with no slow shutter speeds being selected. I have attached a photo sample that was taken indoors in our local super market's Floral Department without flash.

Sarah Joyce

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