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Originally Posted by Loch View Post
I do have one more question for you all. I was comparing the EPL1/2 on imaging-resource this morning and found that when looking at their high ISO pics with 100% crops at 1600 and 3200, the EPL1 is notably more sharp, detailed, and has more contrast.

Is this an indication that the EPL1 handles low light better, or if one was to turn off or reduce noise reduction in the EPL2 and up the sharpness in camera, could jpeg results indistinguishable from the EPL1 be expected? Can you even change the amount of noise reduction applied to jpegs in the EPL2?

BTW, they also make the new G3 look quite nice compared to previous m4/3 Panys in the high ISO department as well as nicer colors in jpegs (but I can't wait for that one).

Hi Loch,

I think what you're seeing, in terms of IQ in the EPL-1, is the result of tweaks to the the firmware in the Epl-2. The sensors are indeed the same. However, the base ISO in the EPL-2 has been upped from 100 to 200. The epl-2 also sports an IS0 range from 200 to 6400. This leads me to think they are playing with the AA-filter.

And yes, Noise reduction an be adjusted by the user.


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