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Default Beloved Konica Minolta G400 died, what to replace it with?

Hi all,

I had a beloved Konica Minolta G400 for many years. Despite its age, it consistently took beautiful photos. The colors it captures were 100% true to life in my opinion, and no point and shoot digital camera I have used since has matched its color reproduction.

Sadly, it seems all modern point and shoot cameras have lost their optical viewfinder and replaced it with a LCD screen, which is useless in sunshine. I always find composing my photos using a traditional viewfinder is so much better.

I don't want to have to buy a $500 and up SLR just to get the same color reproduction and optical viewfinder. Can anyone recommended a camera in recent history that is point and shoot, has an optical viewfinder, and has color reproduction comparable to the G400? Something I could possibly find on Ebay or something?

Thanks so much for the help! I recently tried a canon powershot sd1100 and found its color reproduction lacking, but loved its optical viewfinder.
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G'day bb

The slip-in-the-pocket cameras ALL have gone down the no-viewfinder route and as you describe, have unusable LCD screens in daylight
You may need to consider a slightly upmarket camera like the Panny FZ40 or the Canon G11, G12

Regards, Phil
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Thanks, I came to basically the same conclusion; that I will need a canon G series camera to get good color accuracy and the "don't think" ease of old point and shoot cameras.

It's a shame because the Minolta G400 proves that excellent color accuracy is possible in a low-end pocket sized camera.

If you want to see the photos that were taken with the G400 by my GF here is a link:


and here are photos I took using the canon powershot sd1100


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