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Default Newbie, Needs some advice?????

Hi everyone, I could use some advice on what would be a good camera to buy.

I am going to be using the camera primarily for shooting drywall tutorial videos for you tube, so it is important that it takes close up shoots very well.

I have seen a lot of hd camcorders that take very grainy close-ups and from what I have seen on you tube with the dslr's, the up close shots are amazing! (probably cause you can switch out the lens)

I am not looking at being the next Speilberg, I just want to have clear quality videos, with good light and sound so that people can pay attention to what I am showing them, and not lose interest from a bad quality video.

I have no experience with dslr, or camcorder for that matter, but I am not worried because I do catch on quick.

My budget is in the 500.00 to 700.00 dollar range and I would not want to exceed that if possible, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thanks. Rob
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Sorry for posting twice, the first post never showed up so I reposted, and now it showed up.
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Indoors is already a low-light situation and when you zoom in, even less light is able to get in. With a typical camcorder or P&S camera (as opposed to a dSLR), that is going to result in the use of high ISO which means grainy or very soft (due to noise reduction) video and images.

Perhaps look at a micro 4/3 cam ..
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