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Default Simple p&s travel zoom camera

I am looking to buy a point and shoot camera with a longer zoom range (10+). I studied the reviews of the new travel zoom cameras and am completely and utterly confused. I have two very fast children, so speed is a must. Image quality is very important, as I do not want to miss an important moment by taking a blurry picture.

I am a complete amateur photographer and don't know what noisy and soft photos mean. I just want a good picture with the ability to zoom.

HELP! I'm drowning in a sea of reviews and don't know which one to believe. Thanks!
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G'day HM

Oh golly - what a list of requirements ... I can remember the days with my [similar] list of 'wants' vs 'what I could afford'. Okay let's try to answer some of your Qs

As a very broad category, P&S long-zoom / ultrazoom cameras are built for convenience & price, before speed & performance > the former is aimed at 'us weekend photographers' vs the latter which is aimed at 'serious &/or professional photographers'

Image quality is very much "you get what you pay for" ie: a $400 all-in-one point & shoot camera will give you quite okay image quality [IQ], but you cannot expect that IQ to equal an interchangeable-lens camera & its lens package costing say $4000. However even tho your P&S only costs 10% of the SLR, your P&S will be a damn sight better than 10% of the SLR, more like 50% to [maybe] 70%

IQ is a combination of lens-quality and sensor size ... where the bigger the sensor, the better IQ can be obtained during printing. A P&S sensor is about 1/10 the area/size of an SLR sensor, thus the latter cameras can make bigger prints [ie: 20" x 30" wall size] much easier than the P&S, whose largest 'clear & sharp' print is about 10" x 15"

Insofar as 'speed is important - I have 2 fast children' several things may help here
a) place a ball 'n chain around their feet [just kidding]
b) your P&S camera will have the ability to shoot "burst" images - ie: 3 to 6 images a second when you set the appropriate button. Thus, when something 'fast' is about to happen, you activate burst, take your collection of pictures and keep the one closest to 'perfect' and delete the rest

Hope this helps a bit - pl come back with more Qs as they arise
Regards, Phil
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I have a question - why do you need a long zoom range?

What are you planning on taking pictures of that you will not be able to get within a reasonable distance of.
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Hi. Thanks for replying. We are planning a trip to Disneyland and would like to take pictures of parades, fireworks, etc. Tried to do it with my old 3X zoom camera (Canon sd1000, which I love), but was really unable to zoom in far enough to catch a good picture. Also, my kids have activities such as dance and sports where we are not able to sit front and center to get a good shot.

I've been thinking about the Sony HX9V, the Canon 230is, Panasonic Z10 or the Nikon 9100. I have never owned anything but my Canon, so I'm a little scared to spend the $$$$ on any of these cameras. I don't need GPS or all of that fancy stuff, so if you can suggest a comparable camera that cost less, that would be great!
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Imaging-resource just put out a pretty favorable review of the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS. It has decent image quality and a pretty big zoom, too. I have the Casio ZR100, which has a great burst mode, but I think a beginner might find other cameras easier to use.
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I have almost the exact same needs and family use requirements! I have been looking at the Nikon 9100 mainly, but I just got started. Did you decide on one? If so, are you happy with it so far? I am going to look at the others you listed to see if I can narrow it down. So much info out there--its terribly confusing!
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