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Default Replacement for Canon SD870IS

Hi, Ive had the SD 870 IS and have been very pleased. However, Ive become the father of two boys since the purchase. It has been hard to achieve good pictures (Having said that, they are not very happy posing, so I am unsure whether to blame the camera or the boys). Every time friends have show up with DSLRs, the pictures have been amazing. I am no expert nor have the willpower to learn too much. My wife understands a little and has more patience, but is unwilling to hassle with too many tweaks. IN short: any good replacement, keeping in mind that (i) it will be used basically in automatic, (ii) indoors, (iii) and probably never print larger than what fits in a medium sized frame. Two additional comments: (a) has the point and shoot technology reaaaaally advanced so much since to pour more money into a new camera? Ive read that more megapixels do not guarantee better results; and still, no p&s seems to do reasonably well after 200 ISO; or is really significant breakthrough technology coming soon that warrants some wait, (b) My sister has an S95, and highly recommends it. Price range I am looking for is below $450. Thanks for the patience, if you got this far. Pablo
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