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I agree with Tcav about the telephoto, and especially the holding of the camera body. In terms of the wide angle lens, you may need to go to a three lenses set.

I can truly recommend the Tokina 12-24/f4 lens - which by the way is the same lens from Pentax DA 12-24/f4. It was co-designed by the two companies. The only difference is the lens coatings, lens barrel design, and Pentax added a quick shift clutch so as to be able to instantly shift between manual and auto focusing. I bring this one lens up, because Tokina offers it in the Canon, Nikon and Sony mounts. The Nikon wide angle may be a tad bit better, however at twice the price. So, for the ultra wide angle, you are able to have essentially the same lens - which is excellent regardless of the camera body make. It runs $400 to $700 depending upon the mount. Its very low in distortion, excellent build, and great image quality.

Tokina also offers almost the same lens in a 11 - 16 f2.8 for Nikon, Canon and Sony. Pentax does not offer it. Its focal range is smaller, and its image quality is reported to be better with even a tad less distortion than the already excellent 12-24. It runs about $700+ depending on the mount.

That essentially puts you back into almost the same position you were before.

The only camera that will get used is the one that you like to use. A camera that you hate to use will not take the great pictures sitting back home on the shelf.

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