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Default Canon T3I or 60D - Not which is better but which should I buy.

I have been in the rebel family of cameras for the last 5 years. I currently have the Canon T1I.

I am interested in upgrading but not sure if I should go to the T3I or 60D.

I use 24-105L as my walking around lens and I have other goodies (70-300DO, 35MM 1.4L, 50MM 1.4, 10-22).

The main purpose of my camera has been to document my son as he has been growing up. That means I lug my camera around to Disney Land, Lego Land, Universal Studios, and just about anywhere we travel.

I know the 60D is better in terms of focus, burst rate shooting, battery life, and general construction.

The T3I has crop for video, a better auto / easy mode. (which I would probably use)

The sensors are the same. Price difference is not a concern for me.

Those of you that own either one - can you chime in and let me know how you would address my concerns....

1. Size. Will the 60D just begin to get too heavy and big to carry around all day? Would I get a hard time trying to sneak it into an NBA or NFL game?
2. Focus. From what I understand - the 60D will have faster and better focus on off center subjects. Will this be noticeable? Is this a factory I need to consider?
3. Controls - The 60D has two displays and the controls are a bit different. I am very accustomed to the Rebel controls and don't think the ergonomics are an issue. But over time will the 60D be way better for me in terms of ergonomics.
4. Scene Intelligent Auto on T3I. I find myself using the easy modes on my T3I and just the AV or TV modes when I am trying to accomplish something specific. Will this easy mode help with the everyday attempts of trying to capture my son?

I don't shoot in RAW anymore. I don't have the time to edit photos and do much post production. My work flow is to take lots of pictures. Delete all the bad ones, rename all the photos, filter out the bad or repetitive ones by marking only the best shots - and uploading the best shots to an online family photo gallary.

(I have not mentioned video much - I don't really use it that often as that is even more time consuming to deal with) - But occasionally I like to take videos.

So which is it? 60D or T3I.
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Actually the 60D is not that heavy of camera, it does not feel as heavy as the 50D or 7D.

But the big difference between the 2 is weather you need the better AF system, faster burst rate, and larger buffer. If you plan or shooting allot of fast stuff, the 60D is the better choice.
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