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What you're trying to do places greater demands on the photographer than on the equipment. I suggest you go to a good camera store, try out the different models they have that are within your budget, and buy the one that suits you.
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Try the Sony A290 Excellent review. Also has is clever in having anti-shake built into the camera so you can use "old" Sony lenses.
My nephew uses his for horse photography, shows etc.
I thing Steve has done a review.
Budget under£600 even cheaper off Ebay [as far as I know!].
Good luck whatever you choose.
B4 you buy go to a shop to feel and hold the camera.
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Thanks for the input Tcav and alggomas,

Like I said, I don't care for how it feels or anything, most of what I will be using it for will usually be with a tripod. All I'm interested in are the specs and the better details over the other.

I looked into the Sony a290 and although it's within my budget, it looks like there are better alternatives out there. Thanks for the info though.

In comparison with the d5000 and the t1i/t2i, has anyone used both or own both and can give me some inputs, it seems it will be down to these 3 and I would like actual user inputs.

I don't think newer is necessarily better, thanks for all the inputs.
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The A290 is a decent camera, but it still uses the older cdd type sensor. They are not as good when shooting past 1600 iso. So it may be an issues shooting night shots of moving subjects even with a big aperture lens. It also has less features then the canon or nikon options. It does not offer HD is that is something you what.

The A290 was sony's replacement for the A230, which is pure entry dslr. It competes against the Canon T3 and nikon D3100. It is a little unfair to compare it to a T1i, t2i or d5100
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