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Default Copying old black and white pictures

Steve, I am looking to either add a wide angle lens to my Canon A610 to copy my old black and white pictures to a computer. If that is not possible, I would like to replace the old reliable A610 with another Canon product. I love the Canon family and want to stick to them. Price is a consideration. Also, could you recommend a setup for setting the camera or digicam up with a tripod maybe for capturing the old black and white photos. How about controlling the lighting in this exercise?

Thanks for your reply and help!

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Your Canon A610 is a fine P&S digital camera, but for what you want to do, a $99.99 flatbed scanner from Staples.com will do a better job.
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G'day Bob

There are several considerations here mate ~
Regardless of the camera / lens setup you use, it is critical to have the camera's "focus-plane" perfectly aligned to the "subject-plane" and the best way I know to do this is via a copy stand

Wanter around your local 2nd-hand stores or Sunday Trash 'n Treasure markets and find an old film enlarger - preferably one with a sloping column. The enlarger head is [usually] bolted onto the column with a 1/4" thread - same as your tripod thread. Dump the enlarger head and screw the camera to the metal column & you've got your copy stand

Then I would suggest you chase up a film-camera 28mm lens ~ maybe $50 if you're lucky
As you are copying everything manually, you don't need any electronics in the lens ... manual focus & aperture control ... she'll be right mate

With varying sized photos on the baseboard, wind the camera up / down to size things, focus and shoot ~ some initial testing / bracketing will be needed - I often find I need +1/3EV to get a decent copy

Lighting ~ I place my copy rig near a window & let the gentle light from outside do the job

Hope this helps a bit ~ come back with more Qs as they arise
Regards, Phil
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