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Relax, we have all been through it, esp me! Take your time as once you buy you will probably be locked into that brand for lenses etc.
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Default Anti-Shake in Pentax

Having the anti-shake built into the Pentax body is a great feature and as noted above the lens aren't as expensive. Also, all previous Pentax lenses fit the new DSLRs so your chance for getting used lens is good. I just sold a Pentax DSLR and my older FA lenses worked fine on autofocus and on other settings as long as the lens was set to auto when mounting on camera (use an older quality lens and let the camera do the work).
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While it is a nice feature to have the in body IS. There are some short coming with the pentax lens line up. So it would be good to evaluate what you want to shoot and find the system that has the features that best fit the shooters interest and needs.
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For some people the Pentax line-up would be perfect while others will find it wanting. Making a blanket statement that the Pentax lens line-up has "short-comings", without giving the examples of what's missing and why you might or might not want what's missing isn't very helpful. And considering the OP mentioned wanting to photograph buildings, landscapes, places, city and town, I'd think that the Pentax line-up would fit very well. If the OP was talking about wanting a 600mm lens, then I would suggest Pentax might not be the way they should go, unless they have a very large budget and patience to keep an eye out for a used one.

It's like the person who said a coffee maker with a built-in grinder was a piece of junk because it was noisy. All coffee bean grinders are noisy, so if you want something quiet, don't buy one that grinds beans as well as brews (love mine, very useful for our lifestyle). Or the one that really bothers me is the car reviewers who take points off because a particular SUV doesn't have a third seat. Since I don't have kids, I want extra cargo space, not seating I'll never use. If it were up to me I'd take points off for HAVING a third seat.
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G'day again BP

Originally Posted by Bpix View Post
It's sounds stupid but ... I don't seem to be having that moment of clarity saying "it's THAT one" ... I will probably keep asking daft questions but I'm getting there!!
Hey mate ~ you sound perfectly normal!!!

and also - as you are about to jump into a life-long and wonderful hobby of "I'm gunna become a good SLR user" don't be afraid or embarassed about taking a week or two extra to select the camera - it's not like the Mills & Boon love-at-1st-sight books

Regards, Phil
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