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Default Replacement for Canon SX100IS

as you can see I'm looking for a good replacement for my old beloved Canon SX100IS that somehow got broken. I should have paid 110€ for it to be repaired but for this money I decided that I'd rather get a better camera.
So now I tried my dad's SX210is in order to decide whether to steal it from him or not I must admit that I'm not enthusiast with the results and think that the SX100 did a better job in what I mostly care of, that being concert's pics and vids! I'm a huge fan of metal music and love going to concerts, taking a lot of pics and vids and my sx100 had always satisfied me. The sound quality of course wasn't great but the pics were neat and clear and the vids too, even when zoommed the most. Meanwhile the sx210 takes pics that are bit more blurry and while shooting vids it loosis focus all the time, it's annoying.
I want also to point out that I'm no a photographer time, I'm always using AUTO settings and don't bother with settings and stuff, I'm not that patient :P
Now I'm tempted by bridge superzoom cameras cause it happens to be in the crowd far from the stage and a superzoom would be the best thing for me.
So what I'd like to have is a camera that takes pics and vids of the same, or better of course, quality of my sx100 also when zoommed at its most, in gig's light condition.I don't expect artistic photos and don't want to publish them, I just want nice and not blurry pics just to remember the nice moments of the gigs. Would you be so kind to tell me what's the best camera in your opinion according to my needs? thanks in advance to all those who'll reply and try to help me
Budget: the less the better but go and tell, than I'l try to see if it's suitable!
Be aware that I'm not interested in reflex cameras, way too complicated for what I want and for the time that I devote to photography, so please, the simplier the better
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The obvious answer seems like the SX130. It has good IQ, a good auto mode, and is most similar to your SX100.

The issue with blurry photos is due to the camera using too slow a shutter speed. The easy fix is to shoot in shutter priority mode where you can set shutter speed. If you are relying 100% on auto mode, then sometimes you'll get the shot and sometimes you won't.

In terms of bridge cams, keep in mind that the more you zoom in, the higher the ISO will go (more noise, less detail) in auto mode. Also, it becomes very, very hard to hold the camera still enough at full zoom to avoid blurry shots unless you are using a tripod. In poor lighting btw, neither bridge cams nor any 1/2.3" sensor P&S camera is going to do well in low light conditions.

The focus issue in video is one that is, unfortunately, pretty common for Canon. To be fair, in low light, it's especially hard for any P&S cam to maintain focus. Canon's P&S focusing system is slower and less reliable than Panasonic's or Sony's though. Of course, Canon's JPEG processing (color, noise handling, etc.) is superior to everyone's, except arguably, Olympus.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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Hi, thanks for your answer! I wanted in fact to get a bit further than the SX130 cause as I buy the camera once and hopefully for a lot of years, I'd like to have something better, in fact for better i mean with more zoom, that's really appealing! :P
Anyway I went to a gig this saturday and got just few nice shot, I keep having the feeling that my old sx100 did a better job. Anyway yeah I now that low light condition is the weak point of almost all camera but in fact I don't expect miracles, just what my sx100 did (i will post some examples of pics i've taken with it so to make you understand what's good quality to me(nothing extrordinary though)).
I was reading now a topic here regarding best camera for vids so I discovered the Sony HX100V that seems pretty appealing, also the video quality seems nice. Do you have any experience with this camera? thanks a lot!
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