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Default Recomendations for replacing a dead Fuji S6500

Hello again.

As reported, my Fuji S6500 has died, minimum repair cost is 70 plus P&P.

My choice after reading reviews is the Fuji S20, or the Panasonic FZ45.

I do prefer to manualy zoom but as long as the electric zoom is manageable, I can live with it.

All I want are quality photo's printed no larger than A4, with easy operation of the camera, a good eye level viewfinder, I only use the screen for viewing my taken photo's.

My photo's are just general holiday type, my creative days using Nikon cameras are long since gone.

I am 72 and generally just want ease of use and be able to take anything that catches my eye.

I am open to any other suggestions of choice.

Kind regards to anyone taking the trouble to reply.

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G'day Brian

Nice to hear from you again

Here in Oz the FZ40/45 has disappeared, replaced by the FZ100, However the HS20 is readily available

Looking at dpreview, the 2 cameras [fz100 vs hs20] are very similar ... We have a FZ100 and it's a fine camera

You state above that "you prefer manual zoom" - so do I ... it's very precise and minor 'tweaks' to zoom are easily done - something that takes me several goes with the FZ100

On this basis I would suggest you go for the HS20
As I see it, there are 2 extra advantages to the HS20 - AA batteries vs proprietory batteries & the EXR technology that joins pixels for lo-light work to reduce noise

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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Hello again Phil, thank you for your prompt reply.

Are there any more camera buffs out there with an opinion they would like to share?

Kind regards,

Brian, Yorkshire, England.
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