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Default Choosing D5100 or D7000. Some questions..

Hello users,

I am in the decision stage to buy a new DSLR.

I have narrowed down to two options. Nikon D5100 and Nikon D7000.

Need your help very very much in concluding.

Here are my doubts, questions, concerns, and requests.. Please reply..

Questions on D7000

1. Weather sealed ? What does it mean. Any mentions, anywhere by Nikon.?
  • Dust Proof ? (OR)
  • Rain Proof ? (OR)
  • Both Dust & Rain proof ?
2. What Lens?
  • It has Built-in AF motor. So should i go for non-AF lens.? Any negatives of using non-AF with D7000 ? Does it degrade any features of D7000?
  • Any positives of AF-S lens on D7000 or is it same as using non-AF lens?
3. Is there a way work-around to acheive the below mentioned features of D5100 in the D7000?
  • Slow-motion video in D7000.? I like it. I want it. Any suggestions ?
  • Miniature effect in D7000.? I like it. I want it. Any suggestions ?
  • Do I have to really worry about HDR feature in D7000. ? how helpful is it?
6. Do i miss any other features of D5100 in D7000 ?

Questions on D5100
1. ABOUT VIDEO : Considering my video requirements as shooting family functions at home, videos of new born, family outings.
  • Heard that there is no Manual Exposure settings in video mode. How bad is it for a user like me.
  • How better is the 30fps video than the 24fps for a user like me.. Can i really find any difference on my 24-inch Full HD LED monitor.
2. Which lens would you recommend ?
3. Flexi LCD : when using cam at diff angles, handling cam is difficult, thereby taking shot is complex, it would obviously shake. Is this feature a real-time win advantage?

Common questions :
1. I am thinking to opt for Remote control. I like the feature. Which one to use? ML-L3(Infrared)? Any feedback from its users.
2. MEMORY CARD : Your recommendations - which class 4,6,10? which Type-SDHC,SDXC.?
3. any specific tripod model suggested for beginners.
4. Lens Hood ?
5. Lens cleaning = Nikon 7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System (OR) Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster Large
6. Any ADDITIONAL 2 yrs warranty. Anyone suggests taking this up.

Thanks & Regards,
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If you are a beginner the D7000 could perhaps be too much of a camera for you,look in the following link for answers to your question.

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They are both very advanced cameras, but you have to start somewhere.
The D7000 has more controls, top LCD info screen, dual cards, and can AF non AF-S lens.
I use one in my action Event business.

The D5100 is cheaper, lighter, and has a very good articulating LCD Monitor.
It can manually focus all Nikkor lens and AF with AF-S.
Most newer lens are AF-S.
I use mine for Trips, Hikes, and HD1080 Video at 30fps.
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i am D5100 user yet new to dslr. its infrared remote is good and very useful. I have yet not been able to enjoy vediography with this. I think it is no way near to a camcorder. AF lens for D5100 is too expensive than non AF lens.
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The d7000 is not dust proof or water proof. It is just a little beater seal. If you want a nikon that can shoot in the light rain. You will need to look at a d300s, with a high end lens that is weather seal also.
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Not looking at a D90....?
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