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Default G12 vs P7000 or P7100

What are the biggest differences between these cameras, I automatically like the Nikon over the Canon because it has a slightly longer reach, but as far as image quality, and control and speed differences between these cameras I know little. I am really interested in what Nikon has improved in the 7000 for the 7100, is it only better video and a tilt screen? or is there more?

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Either would be a good choice. Try them and see which feels best to you. I prefer the Nikon handling but the proven quality of the G12 is awfully hard to argue with. Plus the G-series seem to retain their value better than the Nikons do. The only problem I find with the Nikon is their menus but I guess that's because I have been using Canons for many years. The P7000 is somewhat sluggish compared to the G12 but it's output is just as good AND the newest firmware upgrade cures most of the hiccups. I haven't tried a P7100 but understand it fixes most of the problems of the P7000. If you shop carefully you can get a P7000 for under $400, which makes it a great deal.

Still, for that kind of money I would be tempted to go for a 4/3 camera. There isn't much of a size difference but the much larger 4/3 sensor is a very big plus. Still, the output of the G12 and P7000 is damn good for a small sensor and may be good enough for your needs.
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