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Default T3i Is A Slam Dunk ... But What Kit ???

I've decided to take the plung into DSLR after a year of thinking about it. I'm coming to the DSPR world after 4 years with my trusty Sony 12X ultrazoom point and shoot. After a bunch of research I've decided on the body - Cannon's T3i. I like he feel of the body and it seems to be user friendly to those entering the DLSR world. I'd rather have help with my entry to the DSLR world and have to replace the body sooner than later if I grow out of it then have a first body that isn't as entry level friendly but would last me longer as I grow.

My question now is what kit / glass to get with the body. I'm debating between the kit with just the EF-S 18-55mm IS II lense and the kit with that lens plus the EF-S 55-250mm IS lens. Or .... do I just buy the body and good "walkout" lense? The differnce in the kit prices is only C$150 plu tax so it seems if I want the 55-250 lense the time to get it is when I buy the camera.

I'm used to having lots of zoom on board from my time with the Sony and I use it fairl often. My other option is to buy just the body and get a good "walkabout" lense. Soooo confusing.

I take pictures indoors mostly of pets and animials but ocassionaly of people and objects. My plan it to take lots of shots outdoors - landscapes, auto racing and anything I see when I'm out on hikes or around town.

I'd welcome any input on which T3i kit to buy based on those who have more experience in the DSLR world than me (which is pretty much anyone lol). Thanks in advance for the help! Happy shooting
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One of the advantages of a dSLR is that you can use lenses that are optimised for whatever it is you want to shoot. But if you want to shoot lots of different things, you either need lots of different lenses, or you need a lens that doesn't do any of them very well. 'Jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none' superzoom lenses do some things reasonably well, but most of the things you say you want to do aren't among them.

The Canon T3i is an excellent entry level dSLR, but when you buy a dSLR, you're buying into a system, and the body is just the foundation. Canon is one of the most capable systems you can buy into, but it seems that you're making your buying decision on the foundation, not the whole system.

I suggest you shop for lenses that will do what you want, and then buy a body that they'll all fit.
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It's tough to know how far a hobby will go when we're at the starting gate. If you are already a photography enthusiast then the question comes down to one of how much we are willing to spend.

The 18-55mm kit lens is an excellent starting point for a walk-around lens. A person could start with that to see where to go next, once you find the limits of the lens, i.e. "I need better low light capability, or a wider or longer lens". Or like me, all the above

The money for the 55-250mm would be wasted if you decided that nothing but a 70-300mm L will do, so sometimes jumping too fast can backfire.
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