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Default good camera (mid-2011) for loud concerts?

greetings all,

for years i used a canon sd960is to shoot video at rock concerts. i was always amazed at the camera's ability to record really loud audio without any distortion or compression artifacts. the only downsides of this camera is the still image quality is not so good in low light, the audio is mono, and it can not zoom while shooting. after fixing the audio a bit with audacity i was always happy with the results.

hoping to upgrade to a good camera that can zoom while shooting and has stereo mics, i decided to take a chance on the canon elph300hs. i guess it's not really the equivalent of the sd960is, so maybe it was the wrong choice out of the gate. the video quality is excellent (as are the stills in low light) but the camera attenuates treble frequencies while the lens is in motion, and the audio clips all over the place. sounds terrible, really.

after studying a little bit of youtube, it seemed that the flip minoHD camera was a good choice for loud environments. long story short, i just tried one at a very loud show and the audio is terrible in a new way. it does not clip but it is adjusting it's compressor so fast that the audio levels are all over the place. the video quality leaves a lot to be desired as well; it only has digital zoom.

so, given those 2 failures, is there another canon P&S from the current crop that is known to be good in loud environments? how about from another manufacturer? i'm starting to wonder if i should just stick with the sd960is...

thanks for any and all advice!
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