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Default Canon SD 870 IS Replacement - S95, S100, DSLR?

Seeking advice from the experts (or at least those who know a whole lot more than I do). I currently have a Canon SD 870 IS and I'm evaluating a replacement.

I am not an experienced photographer and mostly use my camera in its auto mode. I will use scene modes but don't really know enough to benefit from a lot of manual controls. I mainly take pics of my young kids (indoors and out). I like the size of the 870 IS as I'm much more likely to bring it along if it fits in my pocket. I would like to upgrade the image quality, particularly of my indoor photos, and also have a decent burst mode to catch the kids in action.

I had been planning to get an S95 or S100, but I wonder if I will notice much difference in image quality over the 870 IS? Perhaps the difference will not be significant, and I should just keep the 870 IS for my pocket camera and splurge for an entry level DSLR to supplement it? If the image quality of the S95 or S100 would be a marked upgrade over the 870IS, I would prefer to go with one of those due to size. So what do you think? Is the S95 or S100 going to be enough of an upgrade to be worth it if I'm not going to take advantage of all the manual controls? Or should I just use the 870 IS as my pocket camera and get a DSLR (that I will also be using almost exclusively in auto mode)? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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I have an SD870 and I also own an S95. For 4x6 and 5x7 prints, the SD870 actually produces excellent images. In good daylight, the S95/S100 won't offer you any noticeable improvements at that size. If you print at 8x10 or view on an HD though, the improvements in IQ definitely become noticeable. Also, the S95 and S100 will allow you to shoot at a lower ISO (better IQ) due to their brighter lenses and larger sensors.

Neither the S95 nor S100 has a fast burst mode. In terms of outdoor shots, I find that the S95 has better IQ than the S100. However, if you are shooting mostly indoors, then I would probably go with the S100. At ISO 800+, the images are much cleaner than the S95 images.
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Thanks FiveO. That's very helpful.
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