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Default Upgrade from Fujifilm S9500?

I've had my S9500 for some years now and I am a confirmed bridge camera enthusiast - what's more I feel I'm still learning how to get the best out of the camera whose handling is exceptionally good - and I've previously had a number of 35 mm SLRs over the years.

My "must have" features include a viewfinder, tilting LCD monitor and a manual zoom ring - ideally I'd like a good old-fashioned cable release socket and flash sync socket as well (like the S9500!). I have been thinking about the Fuji HS20EXR (most of the competition seems to have some basic shortcoming - e.g no manual zoom ring!).

However, looking at reviews, I have the impression that the overall quality of the results may actually be inferior in some respects to my present camera, partly because the optical design has been overstretched to provide the huge zoom, and partly because of over-clever image processing (e.g. for NR). In any case it seems to me that some post-processing is almost inevitable in digital photography, and I'm not totally convinced by some of the latest gimmicks for doing this in the camera. I've had some pretty good results using high ISO settings and filtering with Noiseware Community Edition.

As a matter of interest I downloaded the nearest possible comparison pictures from Steve's tests of the old S9000 (very similar to the S9500, same lens in fact, picture 0701) and the HS20EXR (picture 0297) both taken at 800 ISO. You can see these originals for yourself on the website of course, and there certainly is less noise in the HS20EXR version. However, I then filtered them both through NCE at the default setting - unfortunately I can't upload the actual results as the files are too large - but there seems to be very little difference in residual noise, and if anything there is more fine detail in the S9000 image.

Dose anyone have any comments/suggestions?


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I found the Fujifilm S100fs a good upgrade from the s95/9600,as was the S200exr if you could do without the tilt screen(I couldn't).
The HS10 wasn't bad with regards IQ,but I found the noise reduction heavy handed- and the focusing at the long end a bit hit and miss. I also didn't like their choice of plastic on the HS10/20- far inferior compared to the s6500/95/9600 and the S100/200...
Maybe you could wait for the XS-1,arriving early next year..?
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Thanks for that, it does look interesting especially if they have reduced the zoom range on the XS-1 in order to put more emphasis on lens quality and improved the EVF (I gather the HS10 and HS20EXR are also a bit lacking in that area).

Perhaps I'll hang on and see how the reviews look!

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G'day Nigel

I [think] know what you're seeking - and like Simon I agree on the wait till early next year
The current offerings in 'good quality superzooms' seem a bit short on numbers ... tho some do come close ... so I am waiting with you ...

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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