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Default Camera challenged; need fast shutter speed

Hi -- I've read through some other posts similar to mine, but I'm afraid my budget is making this more challenging...

I am in need of a camera that will allow me to take mostly daytime action shots (kids sports, playing in the yard, etc.). I do usually go through the shots and crop them a bit for posting online, so I would suppose the more megapixels the better (? -- am not sure that's correct...) I have a few point-and-shoot cameras but the lag is driving me nuts.

However, I know NOTHING about photography. I tend to get cute shots because I take a zillion photos and once in a while a few turn out better than expected... I wouldn't be opposed to educating myself though.

Unfortunately I don't have much to spend (would REALLY love to keep this in the $200ish range). I was initially going to buy another point-and-shoot, but am reconsidering...

1. To avoid lag (but considering my newbieness), would I want a DSLR?
2. Would the camera that I could afford (if one exists) create photos with a large enough file size to allow for cropping?

Thanks very much.
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Your budget is the serious limiting factor here- for speed(and autofocus speed),zoom(for sports) and image quality I would suggest looking at Panasonics FZ bridge camera range.
The FZ150 is the "Daddy",but out of your price range... maybe if you go back a couple of steps in the range... possibly the FZ45 is closer to your price range,though obviously not quite as competent as the FZ150..... or the FZ100...!
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