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Default Another "Which Camera" thread


I am new here to this forum but not new to photography. I have been involved in the photography hobby for many years. I started out back in the late '70's with a Pentax k1000, later (around 2004?) I got a Pentax K10D camera. Now, I am looking for an inexpensive "point-N-shoot" camera to take with me on short hikes and mountain bike riding. Obviously, a DSLR is too large to take on these type of excursions. I have been reading a lot about some of these cameras and I would like to keep the price around $100 or less. I realize that I am somewhat limited this price range, but I need to work within my current budget. Two cameras that I am considering are the Kodak C1530 and the Fujifilm AX300. Any comments/suggestions?

Thank you,

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G'day Tom

Your post has been unanswered for several days so I decided to look into it - here goes

Looking at dpreview's camera listings, I cannot locate either of the cameras you mention - I presume that model numbers in your location are slightly different from the US numbers on dpreview. However I am guessing that the 'best bets' are the Kodak M5370 and the Fuji AX355 ... each is a small pocketable camera with 5x zoom

If this guess is close to the mark, then-
> both cameras seem almost identical ~ same sort of size, weight, 5x zoom, shutter speed range etc etc
> differences are the Kodak is slightly wide-angle zoom vs the fuji is a slightly tele zoom, and the Fuji uses AA batteries

You will need to decide whether you want the wide-angle or tele bits of the lens ie- Kodak @ 28mm > 140mm vs Fuji @ 33mm > 165mm, and battery-wise, while both cameras use rechargeable batteries, everybody knows that AA batteries are a damn sight cheaper than Li-Ion batteries and are universally available wherever you may be travelling

Hope this helps a bit :-)
Regards, Phil
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Thanks Phil!!!!! You have given me lots of good info in your response!!

Thanks again,

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