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Default Looking for a simple DSLR camera for low light and action

I am looking to buy my first DSLR camera. Previously owned
High end Sony point-and-shoot cameras. Want a DSLR camera
to take pictures of the kids at sporting events, and dance recitals.
I know I need a nice zoom lens, but what camera body would be best?
Trying to keep it under $600, and I know I won't use a lot of bells
And whistles. Need simple straight froward controls, but good image
Stabilization, and low light ability. Fast response time from power up
to picture taken would be nice, too...those kids are only cute when you're
not ready . Any help would be great!
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Sony,some Pentax and some Olympus SLR's have image stabilisation built in to the body- thus any lens attached becomes stabilised. Canon and Nikon prefer their stabilisers in their lenses- a more expensive,though arguably more effective system.
Most entry level DSLR's are capable of great results in all conditions- only restricted by the lens attached and/or the user's abilities..!
Purely from a compatibility perspective,ALL Canon models allow the use of their ENTIRE lens range- which is quite large. Not all Nikon bodies allow the use of all Nikon lenses.
The Pentax,Sony and Olympus range of lenses fit all of their respective bodies,though the range is not as vast as say Canon's- though this may not be too much of an issue unless you anticipate turning "pro"...!
Here's a few contenders....
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Hi and welcome. Its very difficult to say to someone this is the DSLR for you. I would go and look at a few in a shop and see how they feel for you. I would say to get what you need you will have to up your bubget. You will get a body for the price you have set but lenses are going to cost you a lot. There is little differenc in cost of stabalized lenses and non- stabalized ones, so your camera choice shouldnt be influenced. Sorry to be a bit negative but good image quality can cost.
Remember when you get a DSLR you buy into a system so make sure its right for you, dont say I will get usd to it. Good Luck
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What you need is an entry level dSLR with a good AF system for tracking moving subjects in low light, and a large aperture telephoto zoom lens. Either of those could be had for $600 or less, but not both.

Probably the best AF systems in entry level dSLRs are from Canon. You can get a refurbished 15MP Canon T1i for $520 from Adorama, but while the kit 18-55 lens that comes with it is good for a number of things, it's not much use for indoor sporting events and dance recitals. For that you'll need at least a 85/1.8 ($400) or 100/2.0 ($464), but for more flexibility you should probably go for a 70-200/2.8 zoom lens. Tamron has one that sells for $699, and you might be able to find one used for slightly less.

BTW, the activities you'll be photographing will require fast shutter speeds to prevent motion blur due to subject movement. Those same fast shutter speeds will also serve to prevent motion blur due to camera shake, so image stabilization isn't important for what you want to do.
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Dear CG,

A Canon 300D? I think you can pick one up on eBay for about 100 with a kit lens and that would leave you enough to buy the tele lens you need. It's a very robust camera larger than the more recent offerings and very easy to grip firmly to get what you want.

If you just want pics for the internet and maybe some 11 x 14 prints the 6 MP's will be fine.


[edit] Here's a lovingly looked after one with exactly what you want: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canon-EOS-...item27c09d57bb
My Flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/art-per/

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