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They are quite different animals. I've never been crazy about EVFs (used to have a Sony F717 and while I loved the pictures, the EVF was a limiting factor. Didn't bother me much for most things though). Having gone from the Sony to a dSLR, I really do like having the optical viewfinder and don't find it limiting for manual focus (some people do). So I've hestitated about going mirrorless at this point. I'm not ruling it out for the future, though. And I've often thought about getting something purse-size that I can have with me for those few times I don't take even my small camera bag set-up.

On the other hand, I hike and carry a camera most of the time. Weight and size is a big factor for me, though not as much as image quality. Some people will go the other way - preferring to compromise some on image quality to save themselves the size and weight. I tried that and sold an ultrazoom for a big loss to buy a dSLR. I happen to like shooting with primes over zooms (it's more of a thinking game) so having a dSLR and a couple of small primes suits me just as well size-wise. But I can certainly relate to those who choose to go mirrorless with a good zoom.
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Overeem... if a mirrorless camera could track a moving subject through the viewfinder as an SLR does then I'd be there in an instant- but they don't..!
I like the idea of no mirror clacking and far less moving parts,plus a more compact size- but they need to sort the "tracking" issue...
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