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Default Is there any concept of Compact SLR!!!

I am looking to buy a camera, but my requirement may sound complex..........

1) I want somewhat compact camera, as i don't want to carry around big bag with lens & taking shots.
2) Obviously, Pic quality should be good, i like SLR's, but its bulky....
3) Good powerful Optical Zoom & pixels
4) Faster shutter speed, not wait more than 2 or 3 seconds to take next snaps.
5) Price around $500 , little more or less

Is there like a compact SLR.....i would prefer that!!!

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You could look at 4/3 like a olympus pen range nikon 1 series panasonic g series. these are smaller and still have inter changeable lenses
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The problem with what you're asking for is the "Faster shutter speed, not wait more than 2 or 3 seconds to take next snaps." part. There are two kinds of autofocus systems. The Phase Detect AF system uses a seperate set of sensors that can not only detect how out-of-focus a subject is, but in which direction the AF must move in order for the subject to be in focus. This is bigger and more complicated, and so requires a bigger, heavier, more expensive camera body, and so it's only found in dSLRs. The other type of AF system uses Contrast detection, which is much slower and much less precise, but it's simple and doesn't require any extra size or weight over the bare essentials of what makes a digital camera, but it makes the camera slower.

If you want to reduce shutter lag, you need a faster system, and faster systems require bigger, heavier, more expensive boxes.

The smallest dSLRs are from Olympus, but they're all but discontinued, and even they weren't pocketable.
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You don't want to be carrying around bag/lenses...
Powerful optical zoom... and pixels..(I'll ignore the pixels bit..!!)
Fast shutter speed..(I'll assume you want fast autofocus also..)
Sounds like the Panasonic DMC-FZ150...!


Looks like an SLR- just smaller,pretty good image quality,great video capability,image stabilised 25-600mm zoom,class leading auto-focus speed,quick burst modes...

Probably the best compact DSLR would be the Panasonic G3- but you'll still need a bag and lenses...!
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G'day I-1

You mention ...
Originally Posted by idealone05 View Post
I am looking to buy a camera, but my requirement may sound complex..........

4) ... not wait more than 2 or 3 seconds to take next snaps. ... thanks
Changing to an SLR will not solve this issue automatically

Every digital camera, within its menu system has a time-choice for how long the image just taken is displayed before you take the next photo. The menu header varies from camera to camera, but look for 'Preview"

You can vary this time [4sec, 2sec, 1sec zero etc] - some cameras have an option that you need to press the ok button to keep/save the image .. slows the system even more

I suggest that you investigate your existing camera to find this option so that you know more about it for any future camera

Regards, Phil
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I don't know if you would be happy with the size or the picture quality (though I think I would), but like Simon, I would recommend the FZ150.
Check out the specs and reviews on this site or some place like dcresource or photographyblog.
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