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kl34quest Mar 29, 2012 7:19 AM

which olympus is the best for me ?
am an avid photo grapher
i own a canon G9 and it was fine till i dropped it .had it repaired , but still not ok

i wud like to get a new cam ... one with as much functions as the G9 .. or ofcourse a SLR ... but the bulk is a def drawback , i'd like to carry cameras around with ease . so unless i find that smaller cameras do not give me as good a shot as these advanced cameras i wud prefer not to buy an SLR

have luked around a bit and these are the models i have narrowed down to . i have no idea abt these models results and i need to know which among them wud be the best decision
in built flash is a must
and the more creative options (WE CAN REALLY USE )the camera has the better

olympus EPL1

i believe all other PEN models LACK in bult flash .

pic quality is of the utmost importance

i aslso need a cam that takes really good video.

creative options that are good , not pseudo stuff that i simly pay for .i know that epl has some good stuff , but i do not know abt the performance of the panasonic models .i understand that the creative options can be turned on in video... thats a def differnce with my present G9

in bulit flash .
good low light
fast moving kids

i am unaware of the performace of these models . which is why i have listed them out
i am also not in a position to handle these models. so i cannot try them out b4 i buy

shoturtle Mar 29, 2012 8:55 AM

All the pens you listed has a built in flash. Photo quality wised the pens are all about the same, and they will be better then the xz1. Your creative option with a pen will be better dof control, then there are the art filters the all 4 camera you listed have. The pens has a much larger sensor the the xz1. So they do preform better in low light, and with the right lens. You will get good some decent low light shots.

fast moving kids I would say the best of the listed will be the ep3. For single shot, it is the quickest in the AF department. It has the newer lens that focus faster then the kit from the epl1 and epl2. The ep3 is the most expensive but you get a much higher grade camera. The difference between the epl1/2 is the AF speed, the epl2 had a more updated kit lens, so it will focus a bit faster then the epl1. But in the other departments, the epl1 and epl2 are pretty much the same with a little bit more bells and whistle.

XZ1 is a fine camera, it will perform better then your g9 in low light as it has a wider aperture lens. But iso performance is about the same, And it has about the same in dof. It does not have a tunnel view finder. But you can use the pen's electronic viewfinder options. The xz1 can allot of the accessory that are made for the pens as well, like the macro light. Also it is smaller then any of the pens.

kl34quest Mar 29, 2012 10:18 AM

thanks for ur reply

I am fond of this camera

1.what are the pros and cons ?

2.what is the zoom on it ? i cannot seem to find the answer to that .im used to 6 X so anything less might cause discomfort.

3. does the camera come with kit lens , or is it optinal ?
if so do i stick to the olympus or get a panasonic lens ( this seems to be preferd by most on the net , why so ?

i have been told to luk at the sony NEX .
4. side by side comparison , how are the NEX and epl2 . pros and cons ?

im still not ready to by an SLR simply becoz of the size .And i feel that the mirrorless cameras who do a capable job with the compact handy size.I hear u have to do alot of cleaning of the lens ,,, i wudnt even know how to start cleaning .

my only sorrow is that active kids shooting will be blurry on the [email protected], but i was managing ok ...not gr8 , but ok with my Canon G9

shoturtle Mar 29, 2012 2:13 PM

it is equal 28-84mm, so the kit lens is roughly 3x.

With the epl2 it comes with the first gen msc lens.

the nex is a better low light camera then the pens, but the lenses are a bit bigger as it needs to support a larger sensor. The draw back is their is not allot of lens options out yet. Still only 3 lens options. And 2 of the 3 are just average lenses. And the long zoom options is a big, it throughts the balance of the system off. No built in flash except on the 7. It does have a tilt lcd. Over all it is a good system, just not as developed as the m4/3 of the pen's as the olympus can use all the pansonic lenses as well.

It depends on the type of shooting you are doing with active kids. If it is outdoor on a sunny day, the kit lens will af faster then the g9. But indoors the g9 has a larger aperture lens so it has an slight edge on the motion blur issue. But indoor active shots, that is the realm of a dslr with a big aperture lens. And the epl2 with a big aperture prime line will do better then the g9. But a flash is really what you want to use when shooting kids indoors.

kl34quest Mar 30, 2012 1:37 AM

abt kit lens
when they mean kit lens , does it mean i can opt not to buy it ...
or is the kit lens included in the price without such an option .
if i can get a seperate pancake lens . which one shud i buy .
i see that most prefer pansonic lens on the EPL 2 ..
why so
and which one of the pancake pansonics shud i get ?
for better quality , zoom , overall functioning
etc if i get a better lens will i be able to manage the outdoor indoor blur issue better ?

scondly .what are the pros and cons of getting the EPL2

shoturtle Mar 30, 2012 7:38 AM

I am not sure about the epl2, but on the ep3 and epl1 you do have that options not to buy it with the 14-42 lens. But over all the 14-42 is a useful lens for general stuff.

For pancake you can get the 20 1.7 from panasonic. It is a very good lens. But there is no zoom for pancake lenses.

indoor motion blur is hard to over come, if you are chasing kids around. You really need a good flash to keep the shutter speed up. It makes a big difference with a good flash. You can shoot at 1/160 shutter speed and the flash will avoid the motion blur. I like the olympus as you can use a hot shoe flash to help out indoor shooting. The Sony option can not mount a more powerful flash. As you have only the nex flash.

epl2 is a good camera, it has a better kit lens then the epl1. It cost less then the ep3. The olympus has the best jpeg engine, so the jpeg rendition straight out of the camera are excellent.

For outdoor shooting the olympus kit lens and the olympus 40-150 or panny 45-200 makes an excellent combo. If you want a all in 1 lens, the olypus 14-150 works great for out door stuff. For indoor it gets a little tough, all the primes are non zoom lenses. So you will be zooming with you feet. the 20 1.7 or the longer olympus 45 1.8 are good for indoor shooting.

kl34quest Mar 30, 2012 10:32 AM

i see that these lens u mentioned are really expensive

is there one that will do everything for me
(zoom x6 , pic quality , indoor outdoor , blur etc) .
i cannot afford more than one lens . i dont think i will be doing much switiching .

if u say the kit lens is good enuf then i suppose its best to stick with it .... is there a next size to it or something ? so it gets a bit better than the 14-42 mm

shoturtle Mar 30, 2012 6:40 PM

The kit lens on the epl2 is pretty good for general photography. But if you need to chase kids around there is a big difference between a dslr results and a ilc camera and a hugh step up form a point and shoot like a G9. But lenses are what makes okay photos into good photos. If you are going to chase kids around out side. I would add the olympus 40-150. That will give you decent reach for daylight outside shooting. The kit lens works well for good lighting indoor stuff, beside being a good landscape lens. The 40-150 can actually make for a good posed portrait lens also. There are deals on the epl2 and the 40-150 at times when you package them together.

But you really do not need to get all the lenses at once. Get it with the 2 lenses or 1 lens and see what else you need. Then build form there. That is the advantage of a interchangeable lens camera.

kl34quest Apr 10, 2012 5:00 AM

Have narrowed down my choice of a new camera to the following

EP3 ..... but the price is a bit of a problem

EPL3 ..... but it doesnt have a flash , although i hear its bundled ,although its newer ... in many sites its rated lower than the previous model .it luks really light but lens heavy and im worried abt dropping another camera as it doesnt have a handgrip ,

and EPL2 .... this one is rated higher , but unfortunaly its not available in my country ... buying it from abroad , n so making my warranty voild , is not a step i think i shud be taking ..

similarly the EPM1 has no flash and is pretty slippery .

im not a professional , but am a hobbyist .
i need the flash
want a camera thats fun ,
produces SLR type pics (the bulk of is SLR is wat is keeping me away from getting my first )
helps in shooting active kids
and good in low light .

please suggest which of these 4 whud be my best bet .

i wud like to add that at the moment i am debating between the EPL2 and EPL3 and im unable to decide. for the resons i mentioned above , when i go to one site they will prefer the epl2 over the epl3 ... the next site does the opposite .. making me very confused .

hence a plea for help...
i know i am repeating the query , but u r the only one who has replied so sending u back a message in my old Q

SIMON40 Apr 10, 2012 5:05 AM

As you seem to have been happy with the G9- have you not considered the G12- or the rather pricey G1-X...?

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