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Default samsung nx10 or panasonic g2?

Hi there,

I am looking either one of them as both are in my budget. please advise pros and cons of both and which one to go for. IQ is my first priority.

Many thanks.
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G'day drs

In our household we have 2x G2's [+ an FZ100 + Pentax Kx & a brandnew X-s1 as well] ~ so I'll offer my comments along these lines. I do not know the in's & out's of the nx-10 so cannot comment there

The camera is a 'system' of body + lenses, so lens IQ is not the only thing to consider

But talking lenses firstly...
We have the 14-42, the 14-140, the 45-200 and the 100-300 - all panny lenses
= The 14-42 is a great little lens, a bit limited by its 3x zoom but good sharpness and very little edge distortion at the 14mm end
= The sharpest of the lot is the 45-200 > even taking a 100% crop from its centre still gives a good quality 8x12" print
= The 14-140 is one we fight over between us for its great convenience over any tiny drop in IQ resulting from its 10x zoom range, and finally
= The 100-300 is a regular long lens, no better, no worse than the 70-300 Sigma lens for the Pentax

One of the 'great' things I like about the G2 is the very smart design-use of its controls ... ie- the dial that goes thru single-frame to multi-frame to burst etc etc, and the other dial that goes thru AF-c to AF-s to MF ... and there are others like it

In other words, unlike the other 3 main camera makers, the G2 user can easily change operation via a small movement of a dial, rather than either having to enter a menu or having to press a shortcut button before pressing it multiple times to meander thru its 1/2-dozen possible choices

I could offer you more > but is this enough for the moment?
Regards, Phil
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I actually like the G2... a great deal...
It just has a superb layout/design- alluded to in Ozzie's comments above,with a button/switch/dial for just about everything- great for swift adjustments.
The APS-C sensor should give an advantage in the IQ stakes to the Samsung- but to be honest- there's very little in it...!
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Both are good systems, and Samsung has really move on their lens lineup. The lenses that Samsung offer are excellent.

The Samsung does better in dof and dynamic range, as it is a larger sensor. The panny is a bit more mature system with it's layout. But I would not use most of the Olympus longer zooms on the panny. As not having stabi would make it difficult in longer ranges. Especially with the 75-300. Which is very sharp, but would be difficult to use without stabi.

In the hd, the panny is more develop system. They are know for their hd system.

In low light the Samsung does a nicer job without a flash then the g2. 800iso is good but pass 1000 it gets really noise. The Samsung is good to 1600iso.

Both camera system has ok jpeg engines. Not class leasing.
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Panasonic has a better lens lineup if you want to buy more lenses whereas Samsung has an extremely limited choices of lenses. Samsung has an APS-C sensor which gives better resolution than G2 which has a smaller 4/3 sensor.
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Swings and roundabouts i guess. Get the one that feels right in your paws
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I have a Panasonic g2 and I think it s better than samsung nx10 because g2 has intuitive touch-control shooting and high image quality feature. It's very useful thing is that it has powerful expressive photos and movie and also functions for more convenient shooting.
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