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Default CANON SX40HS Vs NIKON P510

Which one to Buy? My order of preference.

1) great pic quality

1A) GREAT PIC Quality

2) indoor photography (low light)

3) Great video quality

4)battery life

5) Zoom

6) easy use

7) Built

size , colour swap,other features etc etc

Experts , users please reply
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IMHO buy none of them before taking a serious look at the Panasonic FZ150.
I am no fanatic,blind fan of the Panasonics.
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Image quality is subjective- depends what you're used to and/or expect....
I have an SX40HS and am relatively happy with it- I use it mainly when I need the zoom- wildlife/birds etc... though I reach for my DSLR when I'm shooting wider- landscapes etc...

Over the two you mention- I guess it's hard to ignore the 1000mm zoom of the Nikon- if you plan to shoot often at the long end...
Ease of use- well the SX40 is simple to use- though anyone familiar with camera's should be able to master any of the current bridge brigade...
Build wise- none are exactly akin to a semi pro DSLR- though more than adequate given their price point.
Battery life on my SX40 is superb... seems to go on and on and on.......
Low light use- the SX40HS is arguably top of the pile- just.

Wanaclick suggestion is worth considering if 600mm zoom is enough for you...
The Pansonic FZ-150 is a fine camera- well put together,feature packed,great video capability,fast(super fast actually) autofocus in both photo and video- and I'll put my neck on the line and say it's probably the best "all rounder" out there.....
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Thanks wanaclik and simon

Friends, please lets be confined to SX40HS and P510
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i'm reading about smeared details from the P510 at ISO above 400. i've seen that from other nikons - that seems to be how they deal with noise, where i prefer to be able to turn off noise reduction or adjust to my own preferences. i also prefer access to all my controls - particularly ISO and white balance, which aren't offered as external controls.

so of the two you specify, i'd go for the sx40. but honestly i went with the fz150 when i had to make a choice. still, the canon has less manual movie stuff and no raw, but the jpg's are very nice and the camera has a lot of tweakability and external controls. it's also very comfortable to hold, at least for me, and i consider it a good camera overall.
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Given that you seem to want to stick to the Nikon and/or the Canon,would it be right to assume you want the BIG zoom..?
If so maybe consider Sony's HX200V also...!
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Two things really sucks @ P510

Shutter Speed range : 4 - 1/2000 seconds
Aperture range: f/3.3-5.9

SX40 has:
Shutter Speed range : 15 - 1/3200seconds (tested 80 sec with CHDK can be more)
Aperture range: f/2.8 - 8 (f/11 with CHDK).
A nice camera can take nice picture is like saying nice guitar plays good music.
flickr Canon Powershot SX40 HS
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FZ150 would be my choice as well, but since you don't want to hear that, my 2nd choice is the SX40.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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I've been playing with a p510 for a few days and think its great.
Coming from a point and shoot camera I might not be the best judge of photographs.
So I though I share a few pictures.

Two indoor shots at ISO 800


Something taken with max zoom and through the kitchen window.


And something blue. (incorrect auto white balance)

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G'day CD

I have been thru this exercise with a friend of mine only 48 hrs ago - she's after one or other camera as well
Each camera is very different with its ergonomics - so I would say there's only 1 person who can make this choice for you - and that's not me or any others here

While the basics are much the same, the size + weight + zoom method + menus etc etc are all very different. You also need to critically evaluate the operation of the rotary dial / multi-menu button on the back face to see if you can live with it > ie- you need to sit down with the 2 cameras and weigh up your priorities

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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