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Default Is my ideal camera a pipe dream?

Hi all
New here. I am a photo hacker who has been using his trusty Canon SX3IS for outdoor sports shots for years with good success. I have always been slightly disappointed with the indoor shots from this camera, but loved the zoom and action shots.

The time has come to try to find something that will replace my SX3 and also offer some decent indoor photography, which will require a larger sensor.

I used to visit some sites that allowed some fairly extensive filtering of camera models by feature set, but I can't seem to locate those anymore. I am hoping the knowledge and experience base in this group will give me the answers I need.

I first of all assume that most of the players in the higher end point and shoot market have the basics covered, so I won't bore you with that. My big problem is that I can't seem to find a dual purpose camera - one that will handle outdoor zoom/sports stuff, as well as indoor social events.

Suggestions appreciated.

here is my must-have list:

point and shoot or bridge style camera
minimum 10X optical zoom
image stabilization
mid-to-large sized sensor
integrated flash
6+ MP - I don't really need or want > 10

nice-to-have list:

AA batteries
HD video recording

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Forgot to mention - the Canon GX series was going to be my perfect choice until I discovered they had such limited zoom capabilities.
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Take a look at the Fujifilm XS-1
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Originally Posted by gjtoth View Post
Take a look at the Fujifilm XS-1
^ This.
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Thanks. That is one I had not considered, and impressive. In reality, I had focused (no pun intended) on less expensive models, since my S3 only cost me around $250 when I bought it.

I would not object to a NOS or lightly used model either, if anybody has ideas about recent-not-current models that might fit the bill and keep the price tag down?

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Inexpensive,AA powered,10x zoom(or above) AND decent low light performance- and equipped with large sensor.... that's a tough ask..!
The older(but thoroughly decent) Fuji S100fs had a larger than usual sensor- as did the S200EXR- and the HS20 has a slightly larger sensor(plus uses AA batteries).

Given all that you ask though- and at your budget- you're going to have to compromise somewhere- as any "all in one" is invariably compromised by design.
Increasing your budget may help- but only a little.

Perhaps consider Canon's SX40HS,as you seemed to get on with your S3is....

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Depending on what you mean by a mid to large sensor
Do you mean a DSLR sized full frame 24mm*36mm or DSLR crop sensor size?

and a 10x zoom (that is a ratio of the longest focal length divided by the shortest focal length the lens can do, doesn't really tell anything about the actual lens)

Physics becomes an issue, 10x ratio zooms do exist for DSLR sized sensors, the 28-300mm and 50-500mm are a couple. But these lenses are massive, not consistent with a point and shoot.

The Canon G1 x has a sensor about the size of a crop format DSLR and handles the low light, but for the reason above you are not likely to find it attached to a massive lens.

Also those lenses sell for more than the g1x itself, if someone did bring out a large DSLR sized sensor point and shoot with a massive lens like those I doubt it would be in the under 1K$ range.

The suggestions so far are very good for things to look at in you range.
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G'day GW

As someone who likes all that you have mentioned- pl let me know what camera it is when you find it
The closest I can think of immediately is a Panasonic G2 + its 14-140mm lens, except that as apackage, it's going to set you back $1500+

Regards, Phil
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You might find some Fuji S200EXR's on Amazon or Ebay for less than $400.
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