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Default I admit to wanting camera that looks cool!

I need the experts help with this otherwise I am going to end up buying a camera just because it looks cool!

I am a decorative painter so I need a camera that will capture good detail on walls, counter tops and floors. Most of the time the lighting is not ideal either. I am looking at the compact cameras with the interchangeable lenses because I would love to be able to zoom in and take some great outdoor shots as well. More on the compact side so easy to take with when I travel.

Here is the part where I will get a lot of flack! I don't want to spend more than $500. I know I get what I pay for, but that is all the budget will allow for, and that is taking into consideration I will be looking for a $500 camera on sale or buy a refurbished model.

Thank you for your help!
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Clearly you'll need a wide angle lens for interiors- ideally with a fast aperture if you want to avoid flash usage to retain natural lighting. If the fast/wide aperture lens in not possible,then you'll need good low light/high iso performance from the sensor/processor to make the best of it.
Obvious candidates are the Sony NEX range and/or the Panasonic G/GF range.
The problem you have- as you've already alluded to- is your budget.
You may have to choose one lens for now which suits indoor work,or one which suits outdoor work with a bit of zoom range. Invest in the other one in the future...?

You could possibly get away with a smaller sensor camera indoors if you don't mind using a tripod- utilising longer shutter speeds and low iso settings- which should yield perfectly adequate results- something like Panasonic's LX-5- and if you want some more zoom for outdoors- maybe consider Panny's FZ-150 (which could also work indoors on a tripod/low iso...). Both of these shoot RAW,so in theory- with the right settings- should yield pretty good results with good detail.
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the panasonic gf3 comes to mind. it's got the larger sensor that the micro 4/3 cameras offer, and you can get it under your price range in your choice of 4 colors with a stabilized 14-42mm lens. i was trying one yesterday, and it's smaller than my g3 with more controls in the menu, but was pretty easy to use, actually. not so small it was hard to hold - and the 14mm side of the lens is pretty wide. i found the olympus pen mini (at the top of your price range) to be smaller and it was hard to know where to put my fingers

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Thank you both for the information. I am researching your suggestions.
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