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Default Advice Needed

I sure could use some solid advice. I have a Motorola Xoom 3g Tablet (which I love). I would like to take travel pictures from a camera and transfer them to the Xoom for viewing enjoyment. I purchased the Motorola Camera Kit ($20.00) and the pictures from my Panasonic Lumix will not transfer. I would like to purchase a new camera anyway so I spent the day on the phone with Motorola support who explained to me that the transferring camera must have Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) capabilities. I asked for a list of cameras from Motorola that would have PTP capabilities and that would work with their Camera kit device to transfer the pictures. Of course Motorola does not have such a list. I have searched the web with out luck and then went to Best Buy and experienced no luck at all.

Can anyone on this forum recommend a point and shot compact to small camera under $300.00 for a 76 year old lady? I just want to travel, take pictures and transfer the pictures I take to a Xoom tablet so I can show my family and friends where I have been. I had no idea this would be so difficult.

I would really like a view finder (bad eyes), greater than 10X zoom, greater that 10MP. The zoom is the most important out of the three.

I have tried an EYE FI card which seems to be a joke but Iím not sure yet.

I have a micro SD card but it is so tiny that I canít manage to hold on to the card (arthritis in my fingers and hands).

Does Wi-Fi camera work with a Xoom tablet and will the pictures transfer to my Motorola Xoom Gallery app?

Thank you in advance to all who can help me.
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G'day RMS

Firstly - welcome to Steve's ~ there is lots of collective wisdom here
My first suggestion for you is to request the Mods to change your ID ~ as is you will attract hundreds of spams very quickly

As to your photographic query ~ I presume that your tablet is a Windows-based item therefore I would expect Windows to pick up the 'new' device and "do what comes naturally" ... others here who have a tablet will no doubt answer that part of your query

As a camera - there are many on the market that will do what you require
Within your $300 price range, I would suggest one of the Fuji superzoom cameras, maybe the S-4000 / S-4200

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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Default Thank You!!

Thank you for the information and I just asked for a user name change.
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