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Default Which style camera fits my needs?

I知 an up and coming hobbyist photographer. I want to master the camera controls and not have to rely on AUTO mode. I知 looking to upgrade from my Lumix FZ35. I am a hunter and enjoy taking photos of the animals I pursue. One thing I like about the Lumix is that I have room to fit into my hunting pack. BUT I need something faster and with better image quality.

I posted questions last month about which DSLR and lenses would suit my needs. As of yesterday, I had finally decided on the Canon 60D and was planning to buy today. Then I looked into the mirrorless systems and became intrigued by their smaller size and comparable IQ. AND here we go again. I知 tired of the research but now I have even more ahead of me since I hadn稚 considered a Micro 4/3rd / mirrorless.

The main reason for this upgrade is our upcoming Alaskan cruise. Got to thinking that I would probably get tired of lugging around that big 60D. Also, I wouldn稚 have room for it in my hunting pack and therefore it would be useless to me. Does it sound like a micro 4/3rd would better suit me? Nex7?

Things I need in my new camera
1. DSLR-like quality photos
2. Interchangeable lenses
3. Smaller size
4. Fast continuous shooting speed
5. Availability of Tele- zoom lens for wildlife photography ( was going to buy a 70-300mm when I considered a DSLR)
6. Quiet operation (I take a lot of photos within 10-20 yards of deer, turkey, etc from a treestand)
7. Good low light operation
8. HD video
9. Weatherproofing would be a bonus but I can sacrifice this since it will limit my choices.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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A 4/3 camera might be an option- and obviously smaller/lighter than the 60D- though the 2nd entry in your list suggest you'll be using more than one lens- and at the least,a large telephoto lens when hunting- will this then fit in your hunting pack..??
The fast continuous speed option might also be a problem- as many mirrorless compact systems cannot track subjects via the screen/viewfinders whilst utilising their faster speeds- so they're not ideal for shooting moving subjects.
The Panny' G3 might suffice- with good IQ,good high iso performance (though not quite APS-C sensor performance),continuous mode of 3fps whilst tracking through the viewfinder,very quiet shooting due to no mirrors flapping and HD video.
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I really think that a mirror-less camera is your best option short of a dslr.

If you can live with focus fixed at the first shot the OM-D EM-5 is a nice rig and it is weather sealed. Panasonic's g3 is probably the same sensor at half the price, but you get plastic body and no weather sealing and a crappier touch screen (resistive ewh!). In my opinion micro four thirds has the best native lens selection, especially of primes as well as some nice zooms that are very quick to focus and silent doing it.

If you really want a fast camera for action then the Nex-7 is probably as good as you can get in a small package. It has both the fast burst mode that will do 10 fps with locked focus and it has a continuous focusing mode that will do 3.7 fps while focusing in between shots. I have seen some samples of action shots with the Nex-7 and it is probably the tops for something with this sensor size (apparently the Nikon V1 is faster but that has a very small sensor comparatively and lower IQ resulting). The downside to the Nex is it's support for external flashes is not as good as olympus but sound like you don't really need that. I can't speak too much to the lens choices on Sony but I do know that it is not as good as micro four thirds. That said I think you can find enough to fit your needs especially with the two new Sigma DN primes (19mm and 30mm f2.8) available for $199 each now.

I really think you will find that the Nex or a micro four thirds camera will fit your needs well.

stats on speed for the nex-7
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For The Alaska cruse whatever you decide to go with, don't forget an extra battery or 2 so you never run out of power and plenty of memory card storage space (at least 2 different cards in case one develops an issue).

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Well...I bought the Canon 60D.

This has been one of the toughest decisions I've had to make....even more so than buying my new truck several years ago.

I got the 18-135mm kit lens and also the 70-300mm USM. I like the 70-300 but now I'm thinking about taking it back and just getting the Tamron 18-270. I've never shot with a DSLR and the short time that I did yesterday...I feel that the 18-270 would better suit my needs for when we are in Alaska as well as when I'm hunting as well.

Thanks for the advice...decided to go with my gut on this one.
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Finch- enjoy your Canon.
For what it's worth- I had an 18-270 Tamron and loved it to bits.
It wasn't optically perfect- but it was more than acceptable,given the obvious convenience....
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I use a Tamron 70-300 and love it. Price and photo quality is fine for me. I am not a professional photographer.
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