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Default Olympus models

I have been debating what camera to buy in the next month or so. I have a moderate range Nikon S6000 which goes from 28mm to 196mm (7X) which I bought after it being suggested to me and the rest of the forum by MtClimber Sarah (God rest her soul) but my wife has taken that camera over. I would like a camera that would take pictures that the S6000 can't such as blurred background, lower light, etc.) I need something light that I wont shy away from carrying with me on hikes, etc. The camera would be mainly a vacation camera with occasional pictures of family gatherings and grandkids but seldom anything demanding like sport shooting. I was thinking of getting a reconditioned EPL1 with 14-42 f3.5 to 5.6 lens (28-84 equivalent), an EPL2 with 14-42 newer type II lens also f3.5 to 5.6, an EPM 1 which would be smaller (I like small) or an XZ1 which would give me 28-112 equivalent f1.8 to 2.5 but with a smaller sensor of 1.63 CCD as opposed to a M4/3 CMOS sensor which the other 2 cameras have. I like the idea of not having to change lens but nobody says I ever have to remove the kit lens anyway. I am a basic P&S shooter who uses the scene modes and occasionally branched out when I had a kodak P850. I thought about an s95 or s100 but their f stops increase alot when in telephoto mode as opposed to the xz-1. I would appreciate any suggestions you guys could offer but I definitely need something light weight.
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The XZ-1 is a very nice little camera and with it's fast lens (throughout the zoom range) should help in low light and to deliver a shallow depth of field,when required (blurred backgrounds). Of course,you'll have to shoot with the aperture wide open to achieve a shallow DOF- and has a built in Neutral Density filter if conditions are too bright for a wide aperture. You won't get DSLR like shallow DOF,but it's as good as a compact gets.....

Here's a few sample shots....
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