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Default Small (elph size), good zoom, fast focus+shoot time - which one?

So I'm looking for the following in a point-n-shoot:
  • Small (~Canon ELPH sized)
  • Fast focus time - the time from pointing the camera to getting a shot (including focus etc) must be fast
  • Good zoom - at least 4x, more is better
  • Good photo quality. Doesn't have to be superb, just good.
  • Bonus feature - Wifi/bluetooth sync so I don't have to connect USB cables.
Price isn't a big issue - most point-n-shoot are under $500. I was considering the 530 ELPH but read a review that said it was blurry. Any suggestions for alternatives?
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If speed was my main requirement,I'd be looking at the Panasonic range.
A good "point and shoot" would be the DMC-SZ7....
Or if you don't mind a little bit more size- with more zoom and manual/semi auto control, look at the DMC-TZ25 (though only has mono audio for movies).....
Or for more zoom,manual controls,stereo audio on movies,GPS etc....

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Keeping close to the elph size, consider the Canon S100
- All P&S have the blackout time lag between shots as that is a characteristic of that class of camera. The processor in the S100 has reduced that where it now actually boasts continuous shooting at 2.3 frames/sec in jpg.
- Zoom 5x, but remember all "x multipliers start from the widest range of the lens, typically 28 or 35, and increasingly 24. This 5x is 24 - 120 on a 35mm equivalent which is a more precise way to compare than a zoom multiplier.
- Photo quality - exceptional for a P&S. In addition to a good processor (subjective/competitive) it (and about 5 others) has some physical features that most P&S don't have - fast f2.0 min aperature lens (most start at 3.5) which enhances lower light capability, and a larger sensor. Another of the 5 with the larger 1:1.7 sensor that is is allso elph size is the Panasonc LX5. An excellent camera with a slightly shorter zoom 24-95, and may be getting a little dated, but an excellent consideration.
- Bonus feature. You don't have to use them, but at least you have them - manual override giving you more control and the ability to shoot in RAW rather than jpg. Sadly, like most P&S cameras the S100 doesn't have a flash hotshoe (the LX5 does) to add a more capable flash vs the pop-up or other accessories. No wireless, but does offer GPS, plus HDMI and A/V outputs in addition to the USB.
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Awesome suggestions, thank you very much!

The S100 sounded perfect - quick startup, improved zoom over my current camera, good quality including low light. I was thinking I would buy it, then I read the Simon40's suggestion...

The big zoom on the Panasonic looks great, but some of the reviews I saw said the image quality was so-so. Also, the startup time @ 2.1 seconds is too long for my wife - she wants a camera she can pickup and shoot with quickly.

If there a camera in the close-to-elph (doesn't have to quite be elph) size range that is best of both worlds? I.e. fast startup time, fast AF time, and significant (let's say 8+) zoom range?
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The Panny' SZ7 start up time is about 1 second,which is as quick as your going to get in this class of camera (v small AND 10x optics)- the longer zooms tend to be a touch slower (and slightly larger).
It won't however have the IQ of the S100- though the SZ7 is fine by "point and shoot" standards.
Compact size and large zoom does tend to compromise IQ to a degree(and speed),but this little chap does pretty well- the Ixus 510HS...(and it has Wi-Fi...!)

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i have a panny ZS9 and it's great! also have the panny LX5 i would recommend either. the ZS9 is a bit smaller than the LX5. i'm not a camera guru, but both seem to start up fast.

what type of photos does your wife want to shoot?

Panasonic DMC-LX5/Panasonic Lumix ZS9/Panasonic Lumix ZS15

my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maryintexas39/
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