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Default SuperZoom or DSLR ?

I am trying to decide whether to buy a superzoom like the Panasonic FZ150 or Canon SX40 or if i would be better off with a entry level DSLR?.

I will mainly be using it for taking photo's of wildlife and my 6 month old daughter but occasionally i will be taking it too airshow's so if i could get some good photos there (eventually) that would be great.

I have been looking at the Nikon D3100 or Canon 1100D Slr's.

I am quite tempted by the slow mo video on the superzoom's as well
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Airshow it is a very expensive venture with a dslr, but the AF of them will work way better then a point and shoot.

If the wildlife is still the super zooms work well. Fast moving wildlife, it is hit or miss.

For the price you get a ton of reach with a super zoom, but you will need to accept low light is not something it will preform well in or with fast action like a running child.

For what you have stated you want to shoot, the dslr set up will over 2 thousand dollars.
sigma 50-150 is a 1200 dollars lens, plug the camera and a walk around lens. It adds up quickly.
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The versatility of the SX40 and the FZ-150 is exceptional given the price,from wide angle to super-telephoto at the flick of a lever- plus good quality video capture also.
The fast AF speed of the Panasonic may be the way to go of the two- if your subjects are constantly moving around- though the Canon's AF isn't slow...
The image quality is pretty good in the two mentioned- though not to DSLR standard- which will have lower noise levels,more fine detail and better in low light- though of course,you'll pay an awful lot more for a DSLR with the appropriate lenses to match the range of a superzoom- and you may miss that all important shot whilst you're busy changing lenses- no AF speed accounts for that...!! Then there's the weight/size of the kit.....!
Here's what you can expect from the Canon at higher iso settings with full zoom....
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Hi, not long ago I had similar dilemma, and I decided to go with Panasonic Fz 150, mainly because I did not want to carry camera bag with spare lenses and a diper bag and my litle girl. I found out that FZ 150 covers almost all of my needs of tasking pictures of my litle girl I have no problem with AF speed and picture quality is good enough for me. But like everyone here will tell you, you will get what is the best set up for you being dslr or superzoom. Here si couple of threads with pictures I took of my litle girl in motion and a plane
Victoria day weekend
I hope that will help you a little

Regards Greg.
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G'day SMG

I agree with all the above comments mate
Another possibility for you to contemplate could be the new Fuji Xs1
It's body size is much the same as a dSLR but it comes with a 24mm to 600mm lens [same as the FZ150 & the SX40] ... the 'but' is that a slightly-larger sensor fits inside the larger body, so that 18" x 24" prints are easy-peasy if & when you want to do that size of printing
[disclaimer ... I do have the Xs1 camera and like it, despite its 'faults']

Regards, Phil
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