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Default 40d vs 50d

My brother-in-law has the option of either buying a 40D or a 50D body only camera. He has a few lenses (Canon) but is stumped as to which to go for!

I cant really advise him as i would be able to say which is the best, only which is the newest!! lol

I notice that some places rave about how good the 40D is, and then some the 50D.

Any help would be welcome. Thanks

As for camera use, i guess it would be mainly family shots, holidays etc.
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Originally Posted by Koolpc View Post
I notice that some places rave about how good the 40D is, and then some the 50D.
The 40D and 50D are physically similar. There isn't much to say about the
performance of these cameras. Both can produce excellent image quaity.

Advantages over the Rebel/xxxD:
Nice prism viewfinder.
More than 6 fps burst speed.
Bigger, better, heavier magnesium alloy body.
Better AF system with nine cross type AF points.

Given the choice, I would go for the 50D because of the better 920k
LCD screen. Micro-focus-adjustment on the 50D can be useful if you
are fussy about accurate focus or if any of your lenses are slightly
out of calibration.

The difference in image quality between the 10MP and 15M APS-C
sensors is much smaller than the numbers would suggest.

Remember that a used 40D or 50D will be 3-5 years old. I would
be wary of buying one unless it is in absolutely mint condition and has a
low shutter count. Both models are prone to shutter button problems.
Make sure the shutter button is light and smooth. Also look out for
damaged USB sockets.

The 40D or 50D is a fine camera. I usually use my 50D in preference
to my 500D(T1i). As both cameras are built around the same 15MP
sensor array, image quality is exactly the same. The better viewfinder
and better AF system makes it worth carrying the extra weight of the 50D.

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unlike corkpix, i wouldn't consider a photographer needs to be picky to use the micro focus adjustment - just want in-focus pics. i wouldn't buy either used unless i got a stellar deal.

you can read the user reviews on amazon for the 50D

and the 40d here

but be sure to read the comments for each low scored review, also, as some people don't know how to use a dslr, so they say they can't get sharp pics when it's user error, not camera error.
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Interestingly,the 40D seemed to yield slightly better high iso results- and a wider dynamic range (mostly shadow detail)- though shooting RAW would close the gap...
Both great camera's in my opinion and whichever had the less use/was in the best condition might be the determining factor for me.... and the 10 or 15mp would not be an issue....
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