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Default Looking to replace my D50

I did some trading a while back & got a Nikon D50 with a couple of lenses.
I really don't like lugging it around on vacation, changing the lens, etc.
I'm looking for a camera to take on vacation that, if I can't fit it in a pocket, I can at least not have to worry about carrying extra lenses.
We go to the Smoky Mountains alot, so needless to say landscapes pictures will be taken. I'd like the ability to take panorama shots as well. The wife has a tendency to take shots out of the car window while moving, so I guess i'd need something that can handle that. It seems that my camera can't take close-ups. Example...the other night I was trying to take closeup pictures of the name engraved on the inside of a class ring...like a few inches away...& it couldn't do it.
I'll assume that video will be out of the question, but if not that'll be a good bonus.
Oh...did I mention under $300? LOL!!
Thanks in advance for your help.
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at that price, taking pics out of a fast moving car window may be difficult. i was pretty happy with my canon sx230 (the new version is the sx260), and it was pretty quick, but not as quick as my more expensive cameras. many cameras, however, can be set to higher shutter speeds, which might be enough for your wife's car window pics depending on how fast you're traveling. i'm sure others here will know of some fast and snappy cameras that will be listed. in the meantime, when you read reviews, search the term "shutter lag" and look for performance.

video comes on just about every camera right now, even the sub-$100 models, and for under $200 you can get surprisingly good video these days.

btw, your camera could do close-ups - called macro. it was your lens that was probably the problem.
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Any idea what i'd have to spend to do the things that I want?
Can I stay with a point & shoot at that price?
What features will I need to look for?
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