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Default Cybershot HX20 or Powershot SX260?

I am looking to upgrade my camera. I want a megazoom point and shoot, not a DSLR. Price is not an issue I just want the best camera for my money. I have had two Canon cameras over the last six years. I was very happy with my A610, but I hate my SX120. It takes good enough photos for me, it is just so testy about settings, and seems SO slow between shots and start up, etc. I am just not happy with it at all, and its high time for an upgrade.

I really do love Canon, but I have been researching for the past week, and have made it out to Best Buy and Target to check out some of the cameras I was interested in. I was looking at the s100 and the SX260 and decided the SX260 was the way to go.

But I have been eyeing sony's as well. I really REALLY like the HX20. I thought in the store the photos looked more clear, but I know I can't go off of that.

I like that the Sony can take photos while recording a video...I'm pretty certain the Canon can't do this ... ?

I have two toddlers, so I am always on the go, and want a Camera that can keep up with us, and one that I can stick in my pocket instead of dragging DSLR stuff all around. I don't have the patience or time for that, but I am getting some super crappy photos of my kids, and I need to replace the other Canon.

I was leaning towards the Canon, but I was wondering about the Sony. I like the panorama shots, and the fact you can take stills while recording, since I seem like I am always toggling back and forth.

Any advice would be helpful, because I am ready to purchase a new camera in the next few days.
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The lack of Shutter and Aperture priority on the Sony would put me off (maybe not you...),however,the Sony's lens is a bit faster at the long end- f/5.8 as opposed to the Canon's f/6.8- and bearing in mind these camera's are usually purchased FOR the zoom- I would say that's significant....
As for speed of operation- I guess only a visit to a store for a trial,or maybe a few visits to youtube might help in that regard...
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