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Default I need help please asap.

I need a new compact camera for my pocket. My last one was only 18 months old when it packed up, a Samsung es28.

I miss having a small camera on me when i go out as i don't always take my big FZ35 due to space.

I like Panasonic with the Leicia lens but open to suggestions. I would like a big zoom, don't need GPS. Also fast to take shots and prefereably under 100 or therabouts. Don't really need the video mode either.

Needs to shoot well in poor light and have really good sharp photos.

Hope i am not asking too muh but wait with baited breath for the responses as i am going away soon so need to decided very soon.
Thanks inadvance.

Panasonic FZ200 + Panasonic FZ38 + Macro & Tele Kit (DMW-LC55 + DMW-LT55 + DMW-LA5) Canon 60D +18-55mm lens+ 70-300mm lens.
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G'day Eysha

How about a qwik look at the panny TZ25? [ZS15 in USA]
Like all small cameras it has no viewfinder, but it seems a good spec'd camera without the unwanted bells 'n whistles

Regards, Phil
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Shooting well in low light,sharp photo's,long zoom- under 100...?
That's a big ask...!
Cost aside- a long zoom generally compromises the low light ability as they don't have fast/wide apertures (not to mention alot of glass..!).
Even if you lose the zoom and have a fast lens (say f/1.8...) the small compact sensors compromise low light shooting ability considerably.
Ozzie's suggestion of the TZ25 is a fair one- it has a good zoom range,and given the zoom- it's low light ability isn't bad at all(compared to the competition)- and it's a swift performer also. Though your budget is the big stumbling block...!
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