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Flying Fossil Jul 2, 2012 12:24 PM

Dream Camera
Thinking of getting a new camera (DSLR) with these features:
16 MP
3" tilt LCD
6 + FPS
Shutter speed at least 1/4000
Clean pics jpeg @ 2400ISO
High build quality
No, I reapeat no video.
Fast focus system.
Mirror or mirrorless.
2k max price.

Anything out there ???

JohnG Jul 2, 2012 12:48 PM

Well, a couple thoughts:

First, you can say video isn't important to you, but it is now standard on pretty much every ILC made.

Second - there is no camera that has perfect shots at 2400 ISO jpeg. Performance is a relative thing.

Fast focus system - which type of focusing? Live view or standard? Fast in what regard - initial acquisition or focus tracking? What is your definition of "fast"? This is again a relative term - and especially when you get into focus tracking there is no benchmark test - when you're talking cameras under $2,000 it's difficult to rate focus tracking performance.

Just based upon your need for 16mp and tilting (or articulating) LCD, you're looking at:

Canon 650D
Canon 60D
Sony A37
Sony A57
SOny Nex-F3, Nex%, Nex7
Sony A77 (which you already own)
Nikon D5100

So, depending on subjective measurements of focus speed and high ISO quality, your current A77 meets your criteria. So, what is it about the A77 you find lacking?

pcake Jul 2, 2012 6:18 PM

you also don't mention whether you want those clean pics in jpg or raw format. the nikon d5100 delivers cleaner jpgs than the canon t3i (650d), but the canon is a fine camera, and shooting in raw then batching into high quality jpgs can deliver great results.

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