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Default Canon SX260 or Panasonic ZS20

I am in a bit of a dilemma over my new camera choice. I have a Canon S3 I bought 6 years ago which has been getting less and less use mainly due to its size. So for my new camera I decided to go for something more pocketable. I definitely still want a good zoom and so being able to get 20x in a small camera is awesome but cannot decide between these 2 (it's a shame Steve hasn't reviewed the Panasonic yet). I am definitely far from a pro photographer but do use my camera for more than just holiday snaps (i.e. close-ups on the rocky shore, capturing sporting events) so would like a variety of good options (I do also take a lot of panoramas). I also like the option of GPS (I work with maps so being able to plot my photos would be fun) but mostly want a solid all-round camera offering me excellent picture quality in all situations.

I have been leaning towards the Panasonic but keep going round in circles and just can't decide particularly as I can get both for 250. Any thoughts or things to bear in mind would be appreciated.

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Here's a pretty detailed review of the SX240/260- with comparisons with the said Panny...

And here's the review of the TZ30...

For my 10 pence worth- I prefer the "feel" and build of the Panny' TZ/ZS range- plus,I prefer the integral flash on the Panny' as opposed to a "pop-up" variant.
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SIMON40, do you have the zs20? i'm still trying to figure out if the one i got was a lemon - had very noisy pics over ISO400, and stabilization wasn't the best. i ended up with the sx260, which is pretty good, but i really liked the feel of the panasonic when using it - snappy with great controls, and definitely responsive touch screen.
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pcake- your assessment of the TZ30/ZS20 is just about right.
I don't own the TS30- but have other variants in the TZ range- and have owned SX canons.
The SX range will deliver cleaner shots than the Panny's as the iso increases- and if you're using the smart zoom in iA on the Panny- things get even worse..!
But if you're shooting more often than not in decent lighting- I'd still rather the Panasonic- just stick to standard Program/manual modes and switch off the digital zoom..!
IQ can also be improved with careful adjustments of noise reduction and sharpness settings...
Many have suggested that the TZ25/ZS15 delivers better IQ due to its 12mp sensor (as used in the FZ-150)- though you do lose some zoom (which might ease the stress on the stabiliser...) and only mono audio on the movies...
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