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Default My daughter needs to record a 3 hour class but wants a camera

My daughter will be missing 4 of the 13 pharmacology classes this semester at college, including the first class. I am insisting that she have a classmate video the classes that she will miss. The class is 3 hours each day (the recording can be broken into multiple files if needed) and later transfer them to a Mac. She prefers to get a camera that can record video, but will consider a camcorder if that is the only practical option.

We are looking for the following:
  • I want to keep the cost below $200 if possible since she tends to break / lose her cameras and phones.
  • It would need a tripod socket.
  • The audio only needs to capture the professorís lecture and student questions. Donít need stereo.
  • Need the video to capture what the professor is writing on a white board.
  • Ability to zoom in a bit, I donít know how close the seats will be.
  • Video quality is not a real concern as long as she can read the white board.
  • Must be able to download the results to an Apple MacBook Pro which can use an SD card slot, firewire, USB 2.0.
Since the class is 3 hours, I would need additional batteries and a big SD card. It would be great if I could plug it into the USB on a laptop for power ionstead of buying additional expensive batteries.

How big of an SD card would be needed for 3 hours recording? I could buy extras if needed.

I have seen that most cameras can only record 4GB in a file, so I assume that the classmate would have to stop and start the recording every half hour or so.

Thanks for your help.
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You should have no trouble finding a camera that will record the video you require- that being basic quality(both audio and video) and with a moderate optical zoom.
As regards file sizes and card capacities- I'm not too sure what you'd need- but if you keep the megapixels down- say 10-12mp- and shoot in VGA mode, you'll get FAR more on a card as would you shooting HD and 18mp...!!
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