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Default so many options...

I'm looking to buy a camera and I've tried comparing different brands and models, but I'm still confused as to which one would be the best one. I'm not sure what I should be looking for exactly. Should I be paying more attention to the megapixels or the zoom? Digital zoom doesn't matter as long as optical zoom is good enough right?

I was looking at the GE 16MP 15X Optical Zoom Digital Camera (X500) as well as a few different models of the Canon Powershot (A810 IS) and A1300. Not sure what the differences are between the two though.

I'm looking at a price range of between $100 - $200 and would like to get a camera with at least 16MP, not sure about the zoom though. I'd also like to take good quality video with good sound quality. Also would like it to be able to store a lot of pictures... am I looking at the right brands/models? Are there any that you would recommend? Which camera is the best one for my price range?

Thanks so much!!
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The "standard" first question in this forum is: What do you want to shoot?
The answer to that question will greatly help to make better camera suggestions for you.
Will you be shooting landscapes? Portraits? Macro photography? Family pics? Kids and pets? Sports? Indoor or outdoor?

Originally Posted by archanimal92 View Post
Should I be paying more attention to the megapixels or the zoom? Digital zoom doesn't matter as long as optical zoom is good enough right?
You should ignore megapixels, particularly at the price range you're considering. You should also ignore digital zoom. On the other hand, optical zoom is important, but how much optical zoom you'll need depends on what you'll be shooting.
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I notice the couple of cams you're looking at there use "AA" batteries.... is this something which floats your boat..?
A long zoom is fine- but only really useful if shooting subjects at some distance often- and quite often the logistics in creating a large zoom/compact lens can compromise IQ- especially in cheaper models.
Megapixel count really isn't significant at all- and indeed higher MP counts on inexpensive models can hinder IQ- though finding a cam' with lower pixel densities is becoming increasingly difficult...!
Storage/capacity is down to what card you put into the camera- the more GB,the more pics/video's you'll be able to store. Be aware that video- especially HD- swallows up GB's,so the bigger the card the better if you're going to be shooting video often.
Panasonic have just bought out this small "bridge" camera- and utilises "AA" batts'...
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